286 – Problematic

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  1. guest

    I think Frank seeing anything as a challenge is a problem. But not for him.

  2. interpolation

    I’ll channel Guy for a moment. Wayne, you are the problem.

    • Luckeux

      Gahahahaha! And you actually ended up with guy as an avatar too!

    • I am Frank
      I am Frank

      Ooh! Let me channel Frank!

      • I am Frank
        I am Frank

        I was kind of hoping for a terrible fail. But this will do…

      • Reluctantly Wayne
        Reluctantly Wayne

        Fine, I guess I’ll channel Wayne then just to try to keep the chain going…

  3. Anon

    I don’t even use Twitface. So stop fucking going on about it.
    Also, I balanced my books, and then I decided the government could go fuck itself.

    • Doofus

      The trick is to not think of tax money as “being owed to the government”, but much rather to the nation (i.e., your fellow people).

      • M

        Then you soon stop feeling guilty about not paying it

    • Sandra

      The Twitter and FB plugs are the one thing about twogag that I’d change.
      I could see using twitter and FB to drive people here. Why would you want people to go the other way around. I read twitter sometimes but I’ve never had an account and I never will. FB I don’t even touch.

  4. SrPilha

    Wayne’s inability to learn anything shows dramatically when Frank pulls that *completely out of place in a digital environment* handle, and he doesn’t at least step aside from right below it.

    Dude. Srsly.

    • Lennier

      When he pulled the handle, I had an image in mind of either a train whistle going off, or the classic construction site lunch whistle.

  5. Bill Murphy

    Frank cracked me up with this scene.

  6. FPS

    So know Wayne has just one problem instead of an infinite number of problems

    • Ourorboros

      The problems of many can be boiled down to this.

    • RBZ

      “You too could consolidate your many little problems into one unmanageably large one. Our phone operators are standing by to take your call.”

  7. Mike Karell

    I clearly don’t have enough monitors on my desk.

  8. Michael Corley

    Has he tried giving up?

  9. Shadow

    ok….. what was the red handle Frank just grabbed.. and what’s it gonna do to Wayne? =)

    • Ourorboros

      It’s just the “Enter” key. Frank is still working out his touch interface.

    • Remarkatron

      I have two theories:
      A) It is the porn-away signal that hides all the porn he is watching.

      B) It flushes the toilet Frank is using right at that moment. What I’m saying is that Frank’s bathroom is just weird but Wayne just walks in without knocking because he thinks it is a lab or office.

  10. Grumpy

    OK, if Wayne goes to jail for tax evasion Frank will create another Wayne. Correct? So cool, every thing goes along swimmingly. But wait! Wayne gets out of prison after a couple of years and looks up his old ‘friends’. But what does he find? Wayne! What is going to happen when he finds out there is another one of him?

    • Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory

      Both Waynes will mysteriously disappear and a new Wayne will replace them.

      • Grumpy

        Oh, well that’s OK then. I was just worried about the possibility that it would be one of those things that can rip a hole in the fabric of time/space.

    • Ourorboros

      Nope, new Waynes are decanted upon death of the previous Wayne. Prison hardly qualifies.

      • Grumpy

        So you expect Frank to do without his subject for however long the gubmint feels like keeping him in jail? I don’t thing Frank would have that kind of patience. Not when he is prepared to replace.

        Perhaps he has operatives inside that could eliminate the the incarcerated version?

        • ParadoxPlayer

          Elimination? Clearly so. He has done more for less, I believe.

        • Ourorboros

          Frank might not even notice Wayne being gone a few years.
          Frank looked exactly the same when Guy was a toddler, in high school, and 100 years in the future.

          • Grumpy

            I guess I assumed that the problem was Frank’s. That he was going to have to deal with Wayne being gone. Frank wouldn’t care about Wayne’s problems past how they effected him.

  11. Connors

    Paradoxes are fun.