287 - Unpolitic
Posted April 22, 2013 at 12:01 am
Relax guys, he's probably talking about teenagers. It's still alright to hate on teenagers, right? If it isn't I'd like to be informed so I can shuffle my hate around. I'm not fuzzed about what to hate, as long as I can hate something. I think I might've alienated a good portion of my readership with that joke. Wait, do teenagers even read Twogag? If they do Twogag must be cool, right? I've heard teenagers only do cool stuff. Unless of course they're as awkward a teen as I was. Damn... I don't want DORKS reading my comic! OK, that definitively did it. Some people might hate the Twogag Facebook page. But mostly it's a victim of utter indifference.

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