287 – Unpolitic

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  1. kodykid168

    “What did you think they where” indeed.

  2. Michael Kinyon

    “read” or “red”? Typo or deliberate?

    • Kyatt

      Maybe Guy just likes books a lot.

    • cormort

      All of these about the “read” typo, yet nothing about the word “where” in the last panel. It should be “were.”

  3. Nathan W.
    Nathan W.

    I’m nineteen, so I guess teens do fall into your readership demographic.

  4. Kayci

    I’m thirteen and many people I know who are 13-16 read this, oh yeah, you’ve got a teenage demographic.

  5. adam ct
    adam ct

    i think she almost forgave him in the last panel

    • doc

      Guy doesn’t forgive.

    • I am Frank
      I am Frank

      “For-Gave”? What retarded foreign language are you speaking?!

      • Eisbaer
        • Ourorboros
          • Eisbaer

            I’m not seeing it.

          • Swagner

            “Forgiveness” isn’t in Guy’s vocabulary. Sheesh, I hate having to explain a joke…

    • Ourorboros

      No. Just no.


    Captain Obviously Dumb here! Super Stupid qiuestion for today: What the hell is Wayne talking about in the first panel?

    Hahahaha, I’m the Dork Captain here, and you, Novice, can’t do nothing about it, hahaha; and I haven’t even bring mine Russian dumb friends, MWO-HA-HA-HA-HA!

    • SrPilha

      He’s talking about ginger – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginger – and how it affects the (last part of the) nervous system.

      No, really, I swear that’s it. Honest.

  7. █████

    It’s only now that I’ve finally noticed what ginger is an anagram of.
    I’ve no idea what reging is, but I’m sure it’s unfair to judge people based off of it.

    • das-g

      “Reging”? I have no idea, either, but could it have something to do with ninjas sneaking up on other ninjas?

    • Douche

      Dude the anagram is “Nigger” not Reging

  8. Grumpy

    But Guy, does it even count if the color is out of a bottle?

    • GingerPrime

      We natural gingers refer to those who dye as “Trans-Gingered”, and support their life choices.

      • Scruffles united the third
        Scruffles united the third

        I like that definition. So, when I wear a toupee, does that make me trans haired?

        • Douche

          No it just makes you bald

          • N0083rP00F

            alopecia seborrheica or the more colloquial politically correct term – follicly challenged.

          • Scruffles united the third
            Scruffles united the third

            I demand to be known as Trans haired!

  9. RBZ

    So… Wayne pronounces it as “jin-jer,” and thought “ging-er” was a different word altogether?

    I wonder what the “jin-jer”-haired person, that someone first identified to Wayne as being a “ging-er,” was doing at that time?

  10. Ginger Gerald
    Ginger Gerald

    I was prepared to be incredibly insulted as I am a ginger…but then I remembered, you’re better than that. Btw, I really like your work, I’ve loved pretty much every update you’ve put out so far.

  11. dan

    I can’t imagine just how bad that beating would have been.

    • Douche

      I can’t imagine just how bad it is to be a soulless evil spawn of hell such as the ginger population truly is

      • N0083rP00F

        Now now – they are not that bad – remember … cats. *twitch*

  12. Marscaleb

    Ginger adjacent? I thought ginger was another word for red-head; you make it sound like they are two different things.

    • interpolation

      I could be wrong, but do you also need freckles to be a ginger?

    • Micah

      They are the same thing. The very definition of ginger is to have red hair. I have no clue what the hell “ginger adjacent” is supposed to mean or what Guy thinks a ginger is.

      • Douche

        Actually the very definition of ginger is having a brownish red hair, freckles, pale skin and no soul. Being a red head is now classed as Sexy, Hot, fuckable etc etc

        • Luna

          That’s wrong, too, actually. There’s absolutely no difference between a redhead and a ginger except for regional terms. Either one is a term for someone with reddish, orange or coppery hair. Depending on where you live, you will be told you’re one or the other.

          Anyone who says anything about either term defining whether or not they have freckles, or if they’re attractive in any way, is misinformed. I think that whole thing about “the difference between them” probably started on 4Chan or some other disturbing corner of the internet.

  13. That One Guy
    That One Guy

    Yo just saying
    It says Read head instead of redhead
    otherwise, keep up the good work.

  14. Michael Corley

    Ooooo, he means animated cookies! That is so pastryish!

  15. Scruffles united the third
    Scruffles united the third

    I am three teenagers, well,52 and I have no hair, ginger or otherwise. My wife, on the other hand, has lots of ginger hair, and a ginger hairy hand looks awful!
    Her head look OK though.

  16. Jade

    Yeah, we read Twogag. Or at least I do. I can’t really speak for all the other Generation X teenagers who can barely sound out the word ‘catastrophic’, let alone read an awesome webcomic they wouldn’t understand the half of.

    • Ourorboros

      By now all Gen X-ers are early 30′s to early 50′s.

    • Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust

      We’re Generation Y, as it turns out.
      Also, lil’ harsh, just sayin’.

  17. wilder125

    Ginger was always a little air-headed. Oh wait, we’re not talking about Gilligan’s Island

  18. Terezi

    oi! im a teen and im a huge nerd im not cool yet i like the site -3-

    • N0083rP00F

      That word does not mean what you think it means.

      • Droideka

        I don’t quite understand what exactly N0083rP00F means, but I’m also a teen. Had to speak up, represent, YOLO, and all that.

  19. Coyote8

    I gave this waaaay too much thought.