288 – Foresight

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  1. Greg

    I bet if you made a story arc, it would be so good and it would give you the opportunity to do so much more with these great characters. I know the randomness of each comic is part of the charm, but I really would like to read about how this accident happened or why they were feeding arctic ostriches.

    • Doofus

      Yeah, but it’s very easy to go very wrong with such arcs.

      I vote no ;-)

      • slarg1

        I second that

        • Johnny Sage
          Johnny Sage

          I second your third.

          • Luckeux

            And I forth your second.

    • TheWaffleMan

      don’t listen to them Greg I second your notion!

  2. Athair

    Is that the King of Red Lions? You crashed the KING OF RED LIONS?

    • Tsuki

      Calm thyself, it’s the tail of a plane XD Not KoRL

  3. Bill Murphy

    I’m sure Wayne knew he had a signal all along. ;)

  4. nan

    I bet Wayne had dreamed that final too. Therefore he just had to play the whole thing until the end. Well played Wayne!

  5. Adren

    She must be very weakened. I am pretty sure normaly Guy would have claimed to be the only Survivor…

    • Ourorboros

      She never said what Wayne’s condition was.

  6. Asmodeus

    I love how Guy orders a rescue just like she would order a pizza.
    “30 days or less, or your rescue is free!”

  7. Marscaleb

    So much win!

  8. Marc

    So this wasn’t a romantic date?

  9. doc

    Must… not… analyze!! Hnnnngh…

    ….Ah dammit

    1. How did he get on that rock without the phone getting wet?
    2. How does he still have battery after 3 days? It’s a smartphone, it has a dream journal app.

  10. Timmy

    guy would of killed him for being stupid but doing so would of proved him right and we can’t have that now can we?

    • Scruffles united the third
      Scruffles united the third

      Guy is so used to hum being stupid, she is immune to it.

  11. Shadow

    Im surprised she hadn’t punted him into the water in the 3rd panel before making the phone call =)

    • Grumpy

      It’s called farming. She doesn’t know how long they will be there. You don’t kill your food before you need it without some way to preserve it.

  12. Offensive Sexist
    Offensive Sexist

    I guess there goes any minimal chance he had of pity sex… or raping the corpse… That is if she didn’t intend to mercilessly slaughter and eat him first…

  13. Beluga

    I wish people would stop commenting all of the time about how “Guy should have reacted more violently, killed Wayne, etc”. That isn’t completely what her character is about. Reducing everything about her to a flat “she has no sympathy!! she’ll use violence in every situation!!” is silly. Besides, authors /can/ choose to change their characters’ personalities a little down the road. I’m not saying that she’s not the same old Guy as before, but is it really wrong for her to act differently sometimes?

    • Gillsing

      Heh. Good one, Wayne!

    • interpolation

      The thing I’ve noticed about Guy, she often reacts very violently to inconsequential things, but big stuff doesn’t really faze her.

    • Shadow

      hey i mentioned punting him into the water.. not killing him =P

  14. Lennier

    Three days on a rock in the ocean, and Guy still hasn’t let Wayne have some. He’s [i]never[/i] getting laid by Guy.

    • Offensive Sexist
      Offensive Sexist


  15. queensilian

    You think they would learn to stop getting on planes