289 – Ambitions

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  1. lockerd

    Tip would be to shave whatever you got, I got a full beard from just shaving often and I’m only 20.

    Btw love the comic, thought I’d comment after all this time.

    • Stranger

      Far as I know, it comes down to genetics more than anything else. Shaving often makes your hair grow coarser and quicker- but it won’t necessarily give you more.

      • Luu

        It’s purely genetic. That “shaving often makes it grow faster” is just a myth and scientifically proven not to be true.

        • Dave

          I confirm that.
          I would link to an article, but not sure if it’s okay, and anyway a few keywords in google would come up with something.

        • lockerd

          the grow faster part is a myth yes, but thicker and coarser at least gives you something other than wiskers.

          • Vincent

            Thicker and coarser is due to age, not shaving.

            Your parents just tell you that because a teenager trying to grow their first beard… It’s just sad. ;)

          • Micah

            The “thicker and coarser” is myth as well. Stubble feels coarser because it is short and seems rigid.

        • Marscaleb

          People, it comes down to this:
          Normal healthy hair is TAPERED, (meaning it narrows down the length of the hair,) and is also smoothed and rounded at the end.
          When you shave hair, it loses that taper, and becomes a stout sharp block. It takes time for the hair to become tapered and smooth again, which time is typically longer than it takes for the hair to grow out.

          So stating whether or not hair get coarser/thicker when it is shaved comes down to a matter of definition. Does it exceed the original maximum thickness? No. Is it thicker by average? Yes. Will it feel thicker and courser? Absolutely. Is this change in thickness permanent? No.

  2. tsar

    What is wrong with me? The beard only makes her MORE attractive.

    • Houto

      I know right?

    • Ano Thingwrong
      Ano Thingwrong

      Ah, nothing wrong. You’re just a little bit homosexual.

  3. Sandra


  4. UP

    I lack will power too….mine isnt even close to Guy’s one :C

  5. mindsword

    Bizarro world Guy!

  6. Ozzie Scribbler

    Willpower is the name of her testosterone-induced medicine

  7. Bill Murphy

    Even a Sith would tell Guy to chill.

  8. S-chan

    Hahaha so many faps just got broken xD

  9. Mike Karell

    I’m waiting to see Guy’s 3 foot wise-man beard a few comics from now.

  10. Marscaleb

    Actually, it looks more like a marker than willpower.

  11. Moku

    Well Wayne did grow a moustache once. But that was some sort of side effect of an experiment.

    And dang! Guy could totally pass of as well, a guy with that beard. She would just need a different body type and voice. I demand some genderbends.Maybe one of Frank’s experiments gone wrong. Or gone exactly as expected…

    • Abibiliboop

      Are you sure Guy isn’t REALLY a guy? It could help explain the general over the top anger towards life. Having Guy’s body type while still being a man would make me pissed off at life.

      • Ourorboros

        She only has a metaphorical penis.
        Wayne has a metaphorical vagaina.

  12. Ur mother
    Ur mother

    Guy Norris

  13. Cray ZeBouy
    Cray ZeBouy

    The question is not how, but WHY?!?!
    I never wanted mine, but it grew anyway. And I can’t get rid of it!
    So now I have sandpaper-chin.
    Also, http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/3p45/

  14. RageingAngel
  15. Lennier

    /strokes luxurious beard

  16. Licensed Spaghetti Fiend
    Licensed Spaghetti Fiend

    Is it just me or does Guy’s stare look eviler than usual in the first two panels?

  17. MenachemSchmuel

    This confirms it. Guy is related to Gordito. All of our suspicions are confirmed.

  18. Michael Corley

    She’s still hot with the beard.

  19. Timni

    I.. just… WILLPOWER!

  20. Designer

    Am I the only one who thinks of that Viking Alec Baldwin Comercial while reading this