297 – Test

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  1. Chirigami

    Aww, come on, if you overreact so much to a penis you maybe even gayer than you think :P

    • Dave
      • Chirigami

        I was just kidding anyway :P

        But, to tell the truth, I have seen people overreacting when they were younger, and then actually coming out as gay. (Even my BF himself, so yeah) What IS a fallacy, indeed, is that ALWAYS, if you do that, you ARE gay, that’s completely preposterous, and as I said it was mostly a joke (though I did say “you MAY be gayer”, not “you MUST be gayer”). But it’s also fallacious to assume the contrary. :) It’s not safe to assume that a person is not gay just because he’s homophobic or just overreacts negatively to “gay stuff”. Which that Cracked page actually says as well, so this “test” does not work at all anyway.

        But the again, this is a comic strip, and I was joking as well.

      • Wizard

        Or possibly a phallacy…

        • Derrath


        • Lennier


    • Chuck Chuckerson

      I’m a straight woman and I think penises are disgusting. What does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

      • But only on thursday
        But only on thursday

        it means you will die alone

      • Ozzie Scribbler

        It means you took a good look at a penis at least once in your life.

        • Snowskeeper

          They’re creepy. But at least they let us pee in a straight line.
          Okay I’ll be quiet forever now.

        • Lennier

          Good point. They’re not the most asthetically pleasing body part. And always getting in the way!

          • Shadow

            Always getting in the way…. always getting hit by random objects at work… are the first target for angry kids, (or angry girlfriends)…

            There are bad days that i ‘wish’ i was a girl…. would be less painful =P

      • Spook

        This is why it’s called “bumping uglies.” No one outside of romance novelists and porn stars ever claimed genitals were the prettiest parts of the human body. That said, they aren’t really made to be looked at…

        • AQA473

          As a romance novelist, I can say that’s absolutely true. I find the phrase ‘bumping uglies’ as immensely misguided. Bodies are beautiful and that’s a writer’s perspective. Also, I’m pretty sure porn stars think they’re ugly, too. They’re just good at acting like they don’t.

  2. Bem

    Well, he said you’re probably all right, that’s not an indication either way…

  3. WriterX

    I have never seen such a reaction to “Penis” before.

  4. nintendo248

    Maybe Wayne craves penis and is terrified of that craving…..that could make someone make a face like that. I think I made the same look the day I wanted to eat peas……I hate peas.

    • nintendo248

      I am mildly offended by my avatar…..it’s too much like me for comfort.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        You’ve got a little Guy on your face.

  5. tsar

    Did you know, this actually functions as another test, too? If you giggle like an idiot, it means you’re 12. I just learned I’m 12. I never knew.

    • doorhandle

      Isn’t that how you know you’re a webcomic artist? I mean really, look, at penny arcade and it’s dick jokes.

  6. Bill Murphy

    Now quickly say Vagina and see what happens! :P

    • nintendo248

      People looked at me like I was weird…..well weirder.

      • Derrath

        I got a phone number…and a rock….Not sure how to take it

  7. sandchigger

    Wait… so if he’d started drooling he’d be NOT alright? I doubt that’s what you were intending to say here, Rickard, but it’s one way the strip can be read…

    • Gillsing

      I think we can safely assume that the “alright” is just Wayne’s cousin accommodating Wayne’s apparent homophobia. You could argue that it’s not all right to accommodate homophobia, but it’s not really something that the strip is doing; it’s something that a character in the strip is doing. The strip itself is saying that Wayne is being stupid, and his cousin is annoyed and patronizes Wayne.

      • Chirigami

        Yes, this is how I understood the comic as well. Let’s remember that his cousin is Albert Einstein compared to Wayne here. :P

    • Gual

      Well, I don’t wanna sound as those people who make a fuzz over every seemingly “politically incorrect” topic but I get that too .-.

    • Snowskeeper

      I could theoretically read the Great Gatsby to mean that poor people are irrelevant and rich people can do whatever they want. That doesn’t make it so.

    • notreal

      Isn’t Waynes cousin gay? Either way he’s clearly being patronizing.

  8. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    It also helps to determine if you are ARG with amnesia.

  9. Arydha

    He’ll never get off the toilet that way.

  10. Scruffles united the third
    Scruffles united the third

    Next weeks strip will explain this weeks strip when Wayne sees a part of Guy he has NEVER seen before!!!

    • Ourorboros

      That side is only metaphorical. But huge. An honest foot long huge.

      • Lennier

        And as thick as a beer can.

  11. Licensed Spaghetti Fiend
    Licensed Spaghetti Fiend

    Either Wayne is hetero or he has green blood and he’s blushing. If so this clone is likely to have a very short and gay lifespan compared to his predecessors…

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      …he might be a Vulcan…

    • Snowskeeper

      His blood could be radioactive.
      ^I find this to be the most likely explanation, despite the fact that radiation doesn’t actually turn your blood green.

  12. bah

    “Green” with envy?