304 – Exploit

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  1. Michael Kinyon

    Frank’s second speech bubble in the third panel would make a great t-shirt.

    • Wolfgod

      That it would.

    • End of Ways
      End of Ways

      I agree.

    • Luckeux

      Me thrice.

    • Jason

      Well yeah. And with programs like Photoshop and appliances like irons, it COULD be a t-shirt!

  2. Timmy

    annoying demon just take both of them! frank has plenty more in his storage closet.

    • Shadowsamurai

      Waynes maybe… But does he have clones of Guy too?

      • Powieściopisarz

        Considering we know we caused the end of the world at least once, it wouldn’t be unwise to suspect that all humans are clones made by Frank.

        • forgehe

          Dont forget the clones frank made of himself

  3. RazorD9

    Least we know he doesn’t favor one friend over the other.

    • Jenthura

      Actually, he considers a friend on the same level as a clone-able lab rat.

  4. Rock

    … Go with the first choice!

  5. Night

    Poor demon… wrong person to curse.

  6. Random Guy
    Random Guy


  7. Fotis

    1st panel, 2nd bubble, choose*.
    And maybe 2nd panel, 1st bubble, you meant friend’s? It could be right as it is.

  8. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    This is the first time this eldritch horror has encountered Frank. Now it knows why all its friends stay away.

  9. Dante9633

    Should be the word “Choose” in the first bubble.

    • Grumpy

      Aren’t you supposed to read him his rights or something before you bust him? Damn spelling police these days!

      • N0083rP00F

        Hey, the spelling police are the Internets version of the Parking Enforcement Unit.
        Guilty so pay the fine now or try and fight it and pay the fine latter … with interest ….. and the loss of at least a day of your life, if not more.

  10. wolf.spider

    It’s not like he cares. He’s already cloned Wayne at least 3 times. He probably has a clone factory for Guy as well.

    • Guesticus

      Only 3 times? Wayne may not be up on the same numbers as DubDub, but he’s much higher than just ’3 times’

      • wolf.spider

        I’m well aware it’s probably much higher but as I remember, not including the ones that are in tanks, we can only confirm three Wayne clones. By the way, are you the Guesticus from Spinnyverse?

    • Ourorboros

      Frank’s Friend Factory said “Wayne 3.0″, so if Frank wasn’t cloning parts it really meant the third version of Wayne. And that was very early on.
      Since Frank had a version of Wayne without the imperfections, ticking time-bombs, etc. we know he plays with the code.



    it’s CHOOSE ffs!

    • Lennier

      English isn’t the artists’ first language. Take a chill pill.

  12. greenskye

    I think the demon has met someone more evil than he is…

    • Lennier

      Not evil, just amoral. Like a corporation.

      • Takes too long to think of a cool name
        Takes too long to think of a cool name

        Hey! Corporations are people too!

        • Lennier

          …my friend.

  13. Gillsing

    And this is why serious demons just go straight for the person trying to abuse the ancient powers. You know, unless the person had the foresight to supply a proper sacrifice or decoy. So I’m guessing that Frank already knew what kind of feeble demon he’d be dealing with. Otherwise he would’ve prepared.

  14. Thorgeous

    I do remember him being really defensive of Wayne when Guy tried to replace him.

    • hikaru

      well yeah, only hes allowed to replace his friends

    • Ourorboros

      In that strip, it was implied that Frank was serial killing pairs that looked somewhat like Guy and Wayne. Guy replacing Wayne with somebody else would have broken up the set.

  15. Licensed Spaghetti Fiend
    Licensed Spaghetti Fiend

    Honestly. These ancient demons really should start asking for stuff we actually care about in exchange for dark power… You want my girlfriend and my childhood friend? Take ‘em. Just don’t ask me to give you my vintage N64.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Nooo, not my Pac Man cabinet!!!

  16. Marscaleb

    This page made me laugh out loud.

  17. BMunro

    Of course, Frank’s crazy enough that it’s not a certainty whether he’s actually being threatened by demons or it’s just the voices in his head taking it to another level.

    Speaking of demons, wouldn’t the swarm of them possessing Guy object to someone trying to make off with their living quarters? Is there no professional courtesy among demonic entities?

  18. Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man
    Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man

    I had a part time job at Satan’s a few years ago, but i don’t recognize any of the symbols on the book. Which demonic deity is it that Frank is exploiting?