308 – Managing Expectations

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  1. Carlos Hugo
    Carlos Hugo

    Now I know this two are actually related

  2. Random British Guy
    Random British Guy

    You know, I’m kinda surprised that Wayne isn’t relieved they actually were wolves and not some sort of twisted abomination genetically engineered by Frank.

    • End of Ways
      End of Ways

      How do we know they are not? Or maybe they are werewolves summoned by Frank. Either way, I just hope Lars/lardo/Wayne’s cousin is allowed to have a back-up clone.

  3. GhostDreamer

    Remember Wayne, you dont have to outrun wolves, you only need to outrun your cousin.

    • davidbreslin101

      “In wolf country, always travel with a buddy and carry a knife. If the wolves get you cornered, you stand back to back with him and sloooo-wly draw your knife.
      Then you stab your buddy and run like hell.”

      • boar

        Wolf country…
        Well in this county of ours recently we have wolves again, and really the bigger threat seem to be the environmentalists, who knows what they would do if they caught you talking like that or worse with a knive in a wood full of “poor little wolfies”.

        • Therix

          Then you stab the environmentalists and run like hell. Duh.

          • boar

            Yeah well, nice Idea, but they seem insane. I don’t know about you, but I am not insane, and I really would like to avoid physical confrontation with the insane, they are hard to kill.

        • Casey 1988
          Casey 1988

          boar: I use the same thing in Mountain Lion country as well.

    • Michael Corley

      Or suddenly develop superpowers.

    • Offensive Prick
      Offensive Prick

      This might be the first time Wayne doesn’t die. Clearly the wolves will go after the more fattier meat. Unless they dislike the anal stuffing, then its skinny blonde boy for dinner tonight!

    • Jon "Bad Wasabi" Wood

      Plot Twist: His cousin is actually a wolf.

  4. Bill Murphy

    Finally! Wayne is in a situation where he has the advantage. No wolf in it’s right mind would choose skinny Wayne over his plumpy, meaty cousin!

  5. MalikTous

    Actually, the wolves would be more likely to chase stupid humans back out of their den area. Their sense of smell would tell them the difference between stupid scared humans and hostile hunters. So long as there are plenty of herbivore herd beasts, rodents, and roadkill to eat, wolves tend to leave fellow predators like humans, cats (all kinds), and pet dogs alone.

  6. Marscaleb

    This is why I read this comic.

  7. Grumpy

    Hey Frank! Time to get a couple of clones outta storage.

  8. Resuna

    When’s the last documented wolf attack on an adult human in North America?

    See, here’s the thing.

    Wolves are pretty smart, for wild dogs, they don’t mess with humans if they can avoid it. They know what happens to dogs that mess with humans. They end up like Chihuahuas.

    • nicthesim0

      What do Mexican Sewer-rats have to do with anything?

  9. Katey

    Just turn into the were-Chihuahua and book it.

  10. BooBoo Kachoo
    BooBoo Kachoo

    Finally a similarity!