313 – Shift

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  1. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I now have the drunken urge to drunkenly kill mammoths, maybe after I finish this beer.

  2. Glitch

    For a second, I was worried that Wayne and Guy might have reprocreated and the thought of that offspring featuring the worst attributes of his parentage sent shivers down my spine.

    • Fotis

      Their child would be like Lemongrab from Adventure Time.

      • jelli

        haha i can see that. good call

      • Casey 1988
        Casey 1988

        Nah I see something more like Stewie from family guy if Wayne and Guy had a baby.

    • Ourorboros

      I wonder what the result of mixing the best qualities of Guy and Wayne are.
      As far as I can tell, Guy’s worst attributes are her best.

    • The Great Cornholio!!
      The Great Cornholio!!

      Their dark prince would be an unholy blessing upon this Earth! Let us perform a ritual of lust to ensure that their desire to procreate comes soon!

      • =P

        in your dreams!

  3. DancingDrake

    Got to love Frank :)

    • bluenam


  4. LauW

    Why does he sleep on a couch ?

    • Lar

      That would require letting Wayne have the bed, or at least letting him have a bed at all to begin with.

      • Xomniac

        Which, in turn, would require a shred of caring from Guy, which, as we all know, is an early warning symbol for the apocalypse

        • Jason

          That or a sign that the demons possessing her left again…

    • Ourorboros

      From the position Wayne is in, he may have been KO’d by Guy onto the couch. Yes, hard enough to knock him out of shoes, socks, and pants.

  5. Valentine

    I’ve always wondered if you ever considered doing more of a connecting story line in this I like it the way it is but you know just curious if you ever thought about doing it like that.

    • interpolation

      Mightn’t it be rather awkward to suddenly have a connecting storyline, this far into the comic?

      • lainverse

        Nope, however it could be rather mindfucky. In a very good way.

        Actually I’ve seen once a web-comic where plot and everything just happened. It started as series of separate short stories and then some of them received continuations and then one of such continuations just became a real thing. Shame I forgot what it was.

        • Cray ZeBouy
          Cray ZeBouy

          Sounds like what happened to Ctrl+Alt+Del

    • Resuna

      You need more of a story line than “The lives and deaths of Wayne’s clones”?

  6. End of Ways
    End of Ways

    “Hey, Kids! Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to have a baby? Don’t want to buy a crappy toy that is totally lame? Then buy our new Screaming Night Lily(tm)! Plant it in some soil, add water, then boom! in nine months you have a rare genetically altered flower that emits a loud screaming sound at night when it needs to be watered! Buy now for only 10 easy payments of 19.99!” A product of MadManFrank Inc.

    • Pooperz Mcgee
      Pooperz Mcgee


      • Rock

        I was going to ask what could have possessed Frank to make that thing… This seems like as good a reason as any, and better than some. o_o

  7. Gaz

    Wow that bed hair. Spreads out so far it shadows itself.

  8. Nimdok

    Frank. That’s the answer to your question, Wayne. And as annoying as it is, getting rid of it would be much, much worse…

  9. DaveD

    Good thing this comic doesn’t have a continual storyline and Arrested Development styled subtle foreshadowing, because I would be afraid what this comic would imply :D

  10. Paintman

    you should have used an interrobang in the last panel.

  11. Ourorboros

    Could be worse Wayne, it could be Audrey II.