031 – Petname

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  1. Metora

    This is great! Especially after reading that argument on DA about why her name is Guy. I was tempted to tell them that it was a nickname but it was to funny to interrupt.

  2. Sinappis

    this comic has a nice touch

  3. Reiza

    haha, when she said she had a dick, noises came out of my mouth that I’ve never heard before. Very good work!

  4. Wolf

    Well Reiza, maybe you shouldn’t put her words in your mouth? :)

    • Reiza

      Ohh, I see what u did tharr :з

  5. DK

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Guy was the manly person in the cast, she has some metaphorical huge balls to go with metaphorical huge dick!

  6. MrGBH

    Guy is hot.

  7. Raven

    Rainbow Dash is hot.

  8. Braddly

    GF’s name is George…I knew a little girl who changed her name to George about the time she could speak. Just told everyone that was her name now.

  9. MrGBH

    Just noticed the bit under the comic.
    George is the greatest name for anyone that could possibly ever be chosen.
    It’s the name of Kings, the Patron Saint of England and my own name.

  10. Abeo

    What a coincidence; “George” is what I call -my- hand too!