330 – Cute

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  1. nobody


  2. pshoooot

    At first I thought the shadows were side effects of some contagion made by Frank.

  3. Bill Murphy

    I really like the shadows you added on the characters and the silhouette you did them in for the second panel. Well done! :D

  4. Glitch

    Let’s be honest here – We all have that one cousin that we had a slight crush on when we were younger and didn’t yet know what it ment to be in love.

    • dAVE

      Implying that everyone had a girl cousin. Also implying everyone’s life is a cheesy American comedy film. What parallel universe are we speaking about exactly? :)

      • daikiraikimi

        Actually, Glitch didn’t imply that the cousin was always female. Now you’re implying that everyone is attracted to girls. :P

        • das-g

          It is common knowledge that the world’s population consists entirely of straight males and lesbian females, isn’t it?

          • Larkle

            Shit. I don’t exist.

      • Glitch

        We’re talking Earth 53-b, where people adore electrotechnical totems that are bestowed upon them by their gods Apool and Sam-Sheong in exchange for coins made from rare minerals that they have acquired through abhorrent labour.

    • Gillsing

      Apparently it’s quite natural to be attracted to people one is related to due to “genetic sexual attraction”. But the Westermarck effect usually prevents that from happening between children who grow up together. Which usually doesn’t apply to cousins, since they’d be much more likely to grow up in another family. So yeah… that’d be the science behind the phenomenon.

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      Well Glitch are you telling us something? Don’t worry I did the same.

      • Casey 1988
        Casey 1988

        I was replying to your original comment; I wish it would post up whare I replied.
        July 31, 2013 at 6:36 pm

      • Glitch

        Well… Yeah. I just told you what I ment, didn’t I? But let’s break it down, shall we?

        I had a metaphorical boner for my cousin back in the day when I didn’t know what incest ment and so did EVERYONE in this room (or your gender’s equivalent to a metaphorical boner… That would be metaphorical wetness – Or whatever. I’m no biologist!)

        Don’t deny it, search your feelings, you know it to be true!

        • Wereg

          I won’t deny it. I had a huge crush on my cousin, though to this day she still remains incredibly attractive…

  5. EndofWays

    Isn’t this the logic behind red-necks? This could totally be a poster for West Virginia:
    “West Virginia: Everyone is Family, and 87.5% related!”
    Not meant to be offensive to red-necks or West Virginia citizens, I’m just saying…

    • Jason

      “You know your a Redneck, if you view the next family reunion as a chance to meet girls” -Jeff Foxworthy

  6. Scruffles united the third
    Scruffles united the third

    I am 87.5% attracted to my cousins Aunt!

    • das-g

      Really? She could be your mother.
      Actually, for all we know from the little you told us, she could be your mother.

  7. das-g

    Is calling Guy’s question mostly unrelated or answering it with Wright’s coefficient?

    • das-g

      Is Wayne calling [...]

  8. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I like the shading used in the strip.

  9. Durvin

    I dunno, guys, I think if Guy liked his story that’s exactly what she’d say. That was probably as close to a complement as he’ll ever get out of her. Aww.