333 – Break Up

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  1. Mister Rik
    Mister Rik

    Whoa, my kind of girl!

    • pushpin

      Not a fan of the last panel tbh, but I’m sure you could master the close-up with time. As for the girl… there’s nothing to do but embrace it, Wayne.

      • pushpin

        A bit confused as to why that came out as a reply. Disregard!

      • Edgenir

        I like that your telling the creater of this world what a close up would look like in it.. Suits the art style for me ;)

        • Jeremy Kuehnau
          Jeremy Kuehnau

          I like the fact people assume the creator of a comic is impervious to any sort of criticism.

  2. JammyJams

    Two can play at this game, Wayne.

  3. wererat2000

    Wow… She’s a keeper.

    • ThatOneComment

      Came to say just such a thing, they make an interesting couple. Until she meets Guy.

      • BMunro

        Unless she decides to support the relationship for the Lulz. Frank strikes me as a better bet for a girlfriend deflector.

    • DocSavage

      The term you are looking for is “stalker.”

  4. Jason

    Wayne is like crazy huh? Challenge accepted!

  5. Lurlock

    She means spiritual possession. She’s actually harboring a demon from the underworld…

    • dariendark

      you meanthere are any demons left after guy went ahead and occupied hellstreet

      • Knocks

        The demon she’s harboring is a refugee.

  6. ghola

    She’s just someone Guy paid to make his life miserable while she’s on vacation. That or Frank cloned him and Guy into some kind of twisted socially awkward android.
    Both make more sense then Wayne actually snagging a lady.

    • khamya9

      Guy doesn’t pay people. Guy extorts people.

      Therefore she is probably someone Guy offered half-off the usual monthly blackmail payments in return for tormenting Wayne.

  7. NunSutch

    Well. That backfired horribly. Hope Frank has the next WayneRev ready, ’cause I think this one’s getting locked in Possi’s basement…

  8. Demorid

    Don’t get me wrong, your comics are always hilarious. But this one, oh man, this one’s brilliant

  9. das-g

    She looks cute. Well, in panel 1 and 2, she does. Not so much in panel 3.

    Then again, Guy looks cute most times, too. Doesn’t mean she is.

  10. David

    She’s a keeper.

    “You are not allowed out of my sight, Wayne. Ever…”

  11. UP

    Looks like Wayne is in a pickle. Stay tuned to see what happens next! Oh wait, Wayne gets stalked like heck, never mind!

  12. SrPilha

    well hello there, OverlyAttachedGirlfriend

    funny how that last panel was clear even in the tiny thumbnail in my RSS reader :P

  13. Bill Murphy

    Ha, ha! Excellent job! I laughed at every panel. And I really liked the closeup on the last one. ;)

  14. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Whoo, Strip #333. You’re halfway to hell now Rickard!

  15. Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man
    Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man

    Wayne looks cute in the last panel. (no homo)

  16. Glitch

    She looked a lot like the girl that broke into Wayne’s house and stabbed him in the gut so I was surprised to see there was more behind Sally (I’ll just call her that way) than mere greed.

    It was OBSESSION.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      By Calvin Klein.

  17. Effusion

    Frank must be experimenting with pheromones. Once he got over the hurdle of getting Wayne a girlfriend in the first place the effect was too strong to counteract with conventional measures.

  18. RazorD9

    Run Wayne run! Run from the only woman that could love you!

  19. slicingblade

    but unliking the fb page is the equivalent of breaking up with it…

  20. Juuni88

    Might as well marry her. She’s probably the last woman to give him the time of day.

  21. Scoot

    oh god this made me all sorts of nervous

  22. Lorialet

    Wayne has a girlfriend?!

  23. Jeremy Kuehnau
    Jeremy Kuehnau

    He could do worse.

  24. MichaelHaneline

    I dated a girl very much like this. Very good-looking. Actually broke up with me, and then wanted/demanded me back. Called me every day AFTER the break up, would park her car in front of my house and wait for me to get home from work. Sent me videos of her dancing with progressively less clothes…

    I lucked out when she got a modeling contract and moved to Japan. By the time she moved back, she’d mellowed out on the whole thing.

    • Velte

      Was the point of this story secretly to let us know that you dated a girl that eventually became a model, and this super-hot model girl couldn’t get enough of you?

      It’s alright. I’ve been there, telling stories JUST to let people know about my super-hot model ex-girlfriend that couldn’t get enough of me. Not that that’s what I’m doing now, or anything…

      • Jeremy Kuehnau
        Jeremy Kuehnau

        This is why we can’t have anything nice!

    • MichaelHaneline

      Yeah, sorry, regretting posting that now. It was a bit of a humblebrag.

  25. zeed316

    Beggars can’t be choosers, Wayne.

  26. Acaykath

    Her pupil is peeling off her eye… How is that possible, it’s a hole! Obviously, she is one of Frank’s freaky experiments gone horribly wrong, after all, how else would she have ended up dating Wayne?

  27. Uninspired

    Reminds me kind of Mirai Nikki. <.<

  28. Sam

    Whoever does the dumping loses all the friends. It’s in the relationship rulebook, just like divorce – you can get out of the relationship, but if you start it your partner gets all the friends.

  29. Marscaleb

    I think you found your dream girl there, Wayne.