David Guest Comic

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  1. I likes the drawingz of the bewbs
    I likes the drawingz of the bewbs

    Did he just project his own character into him?

    • avstron

      nah actually in a few strips wayne is kinda like that.

  2. Dan

    eh. definitely don’t like the artstyle.

    • D0ct3r

      Before you judge, follow the link and check how they really draw. I personally think their drawing style is very similar.

    • Mr. B
      Mr. B

      I personally am not fond of guest comics as well, but Mercworks is an amazing comic on its own! Totally worth the read.

    • forgehe

      i agree. Guy’s hair has to be much poofier

  3. Nymera

    I love this, Great job Dave!

  4. Jay

    This was awesome, and it should be that way, fan art is part of the art~

  5. Chuck Chuckerson

    This might be the first time I looked at a guest comic and found people criticizing it in the comments. Trying a little hard to emulate Guy, eh twogag readers?

    • Ourorboros

      I think guest artists have a way of throwing people off the way that a new comic does not. It’s like an alternate universe, or if somebody re-arranged your home while you were out. Things are similar, but not quite “right”.

  6. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    This strip is funny. ^-^

  7. Doctor

    I liked it :) And probably spent an hour on Mercworks, so my fill on comics for the night was quite satisfied.

  8. Zuzi

    Before people judge the guest comic on its appearance, let me say this. It can be very difficult to mimic someone else’s art style. And given Dave’s personal style, he did a great job!

  9. Effusion

    The work sure piles up when you procrastinate, eh Wayne?

  10. Markoknock

    I like this comic, but then again I like a majority of the comics I read.

  11. Beluga

    Oh, yay! I’ve been reading Mercworks for quite a while now, so it’s awesome to see Dave draw something for another one of my favourite webcomics.