Monica Guest Strip

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  1. shadowmoon522

    well someone can’t spell “her”.

    • SrPilha

      oh Wayne, that’s so *you* !

    • Epox

      How sad must you be to point out a spelling mistake in a webcomic? Especially when everyone on the planet know what it’s supposed to say…

      • Erhannis

        Well, it can be a constructive, helpful thing to do. There are probably politer ways of phrasing it, admittedly.

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          Not by shadowmoon522 there can’t.

  2. Hmm...

    Is it normal for 2gag readers to be such dicks to guest writers? First Dave from Mercworks gets flak and now the comment from shadowmoon522 about Monica…

  3. Batias

    Do not worry, Guest Writer! For I shall always be on your side. I think your comic was funny, so you may look into me for solace. “Oh, one reader thought I was funny and didn’t nitpick at my spelling errors! He must be a great guy.”

    • Ourorboros

      Funny and fitting to the characters.

      That is a difficulty with guest artists on any comic, web or not. Doing their own take on the universe while still staying true to the material.

  4. dan


  5. Swagner

    I, for one, thought the comic was hilarious!

  6. White Rice
    White Rice

    The happiest parasite! Also the sort that effectively clones itself…well, at least Wayne’ll be surrounded by smiling lady-things as he’s slowly drained of all that keeps him going (living)

  7. Tanya

    Epox when someone spells something wrong, not so much on comments but on a piece of art, you should *always* correct them. They may be foreign or they may have just not seen their mistake. Don’t act like it’s a waste of time, it’s constructive criticism that could actually help them.

    • Who?

      Yes, but being rude when correcting them is inexcusable.

  8. UP

    Creepiest end ever O_O

  9. Nil

    this comic was the bee’s knees

  10. Ourorboros

    Now Wayne can tell Guy that a girl was all over him.

    Knowing Frank she is antibiotic resistant too.

  11. Zonk

    I like all the happy parasite faces.

  12. Marscaleb

    Wow, fantastic job at reproducing his art style. I didn’t even catch the fact that this was a guest strip at first.

  13. Pepofaec

    I adore this xD <3

  14. Gamekiller48

    I really liked this comic and the drawing-style – so I checked out all other comics from the guest author. Looks like I now have yet another webcomic I have to follow :D

  15. Larkle

    Whoa! I just realized that this is the same Monica who was on strip search! :D

  16. wooble

    Yes. This is amazing. I love it.

  17. Jay

    Yes, good job guest writer, twas funny ^_^

  18. Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man
    Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man

    Wayne has perfectly legit body issues.

  19. trindflo

    Is that smallest face supposed to be another Charlie, or is that more like a little Wayne? Very funny metaphor.