Andrew Guest Strip

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  1. Rabblerouser

    It’s just not the same when you give Frank eyes with actual emotion.

    • shadowmoon522

      must be an experimental clone of himself to see what he, himself would do with emotion. no wait, its a guest strip and should not be taken as part of the theoretical cannon of this comic

    • Doofus

      This. Also, body language.

    • Rabblerouser

      I’m fairly sure the amount of energy it takes for him to show emotion could’ve been used to levitate that anvil.. or start a new Big Bang.

    • Rabblerouser

      Seriously, though, I am ARG is awesome.

  2. Darkstand

    So… you see a large, heavy object suspended in the air with experimental, unproven technology… and your first instinct is to put your arm under it?
    It should not surprise me though, given who it is we are talking about.

  3. MikeyZ

    LOL Totally agree. But… wouldn’t some super genius like him have access to the awesomest prototype bateries, like that one silicon one that supposedly doesn’t lose capacity after 500 charge cycles?

    • RBZ

      It’s not that the batteries he’s using diminish in capacity after recharging, it’s that their capacity isn’t enough to sustain the technology for more than a short duration.

      He’s probably using batteries with capacities equivalent to storing a small city’s energy needs for a week, however his technology probably requires the equivalent to a small city’s energy needs for a day, every second.

  4. Markoknock

    Oh no frank is adapting after studying the Wayne and guy clones he has learn how to portray human emotion, this means he is one step closer to doing…whatever….his purpose……is. What is frank’s purpose?

    • Vermilion

      Why research of course …and to bring a dowfall of an evil empire if I remember correctly.

  5. Adixristos

    It’s implied the controller’s batteries ran out….

  6. fja3omega

    I think the batteries ran out coz he is using a mobile phone. Probably created an app to do quantum levitation. How long do those iPhone batteries last anyways?

    • GuruKivo

      I believe it would be more accurate to say he was using a VERY powerful Gameboy Color by the looks of it…

  7. Designer

    I love how Frank just ignores Wayne’s pain

  8. Indymonster

    Nice! A I am Arg! guest comic. Love Andrew’s work, so it’s cool to see his take on your characters :)

  9. Eric R

    Happens all the time with my smartphone, of course it does a little less than lifting objects against the will of gravity but it eases my addiction to the internets, which is almost as important.

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