337 – Niceties

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  1. wolf.spider

    Shes a saint.

  2. Jason

    HAHA he’s actually walking his “dog” from a few comics back

    • Mr. B
      Mr. B

      I know, right? Gotta love these little callbacks that often happen in the background…

  3. fluorite

    aw yea, bish! muthafukin ferrets!!

  4. Doofus

    Heh, this one was great even excluding Guy’s final statement, and then it adds that certain double edge. I love it! Keep that psycho shit up.

  5. O8h7w

    This is… unique. Uniquely mean. Uniquely nice.

  6. RedDazes

    Ohmigosh! I just noticed he’s walking a ferret!! ^_^ Squeek!

  7. LauW

    She’s perfect. Tell me than someone in your life inspired her

  8. Doctor

    Man, I wish I had a friend as selfless as Guy.

  9. Marscaleb

    So when is Guy going to finally run for office?

  10. EndofWays

    “As long as you believe it, it is not a lie. As long as people let you get away with it, it is not a crime.”
    This right here should be Guy’s code of ethics.
    I made that quote myself. I did not steal it, fyi. Although Guy will probably make a compelling argument for her having said it first.


    I swear every time I see her nose piercing i think she has a blueberry shoved up there…