338 – Emotional

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  1. Niq

    This is the most valid argument that shouldn’t exist! XD

  2. vicnet

    I was totally buying it too, until I remembered that we don’t call our other emotions by the name of the chemicals that cause them.

    • Chris2315

      In that case, the emotion would be drunkenness.

      • Effusion

        1: “I feel drunk.”
        2: “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”
        3: “What are you guys talking about?”
        1: “Shhh, we’re having a moment.”

        Works for me.

    • SonofMog

      My GF and I are totally in oxytocin with eachother.

  3. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Wayne, try using that knowledge to improve your life, not to justify throwing it away!

  4. QuantumManiac

    Actually… This is surprisingly valid logic. I wonder… Wayne is normally too stupid to make this kind of argument, so did alcohol somehow facilitate greater intellectual capability? People normally get dumber as they get drunker, but Wayne might be some kind of exception. Frank! I demand that you experiment upon him until you get the the bottom of this phenomenon!

  5. astroturtle

    Did Wayne just win?

    • RBZ

      Whether he did or not, he won’t remember winning when he comes to.

    • Effusion

      Even when he wins, he loses.

  6. gromire

    when your drunk your mind goes to a neutral state in which you’re natural self comes out easier. perhaps he is smarter then he know and simply chooses to accept he is a loser because that is what guy says he is.

    • DrunkPhilosopher

      As far as we know, this could very well be planned by Guy.

  7. Lops

    First Guy gets all kind and concerning. Now Wayne is becoming surprisingly smart. What’s next, Frank taking off his glasses??

    • Ourorboros

      Guy found ways to abuse Wayne that he would interpret as help. Not the same.

  8. Doctor

    Dear god… He might be on to something.

  9. S.Theresa

    I’m glad they’re all together in this one, it’s been awhile since the three have been in one comic.

    • QuantumManiac

      Now that you mention it, I too have missed the dynamic between all three characters.

  10. Comtesse Sofia

    This emotion may also occur just before and/or during sex that you will forever regret. If you notice that you are experiencing this feeling rather often over a certain period of time, there is a slight risk that you may be Russian. We advise that you consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

    • Prometheus

      Meaning that Russians just happen to feel this emotion, or that Russians are always drunk? Either way, THAT’S A DIRTY STEREOTYPE. FEEL BAD. >:(



  12. MaryFilipina

    Huh. The science checks out. *opens a bottle of wine*

  13. LauW

    A strip woth them three became too rare ! It’s hilarous !