339 – Corrected

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  1. Haven


  2. Jason

    I guess nature fights back from Wayne trying to destroy all of the worlds pollen.

  3. Sp

    I feel like Frank has a hand in this.

    • wolf.spider

      I get the same impression.

  4. Liar

    You know, despite the acidic rain that’s pouring, it’s nice to know that Wayne and Guy were having a fun time at the carnival/amusement park to the point that Wayne may have (improbably) won that doll for Guy.

    • TheSexyMenhir

      Come on, you know better. Do you really think Guy would give up the chance to shoot at something?

      • bluenam

        Also, Guy is most probably better than Wayne at what ever it took to get that toy.

        • MichaelHaneline

          I’m guessing it was a rousing game of “punch the poor schmuck working at the stand that has the toy you want”

  5. Brett Dunbar
    Brett Dunbar

    Wimp is misspelled in panel 1, there is no h in wimp.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      There is in the Twogag Universe.

    • Whimpy

      It’s the original spelling of the word, and still the most commonly used spelling. So much so that it’s not even really considered incorrect. :)

      • Whimpest

        Technically speaking, spelling was way more fluid when the term “whimper” probably came into existence somewhere before the 1700s (the first recorded written use we have being around then) and while the word probably comes from “whimper” it is also possibly originated as a pop. culture reference to the popeye character of “wimpy” as “wimp” is a relatively new term in how we use it today.

        If this is the case, someone somewhere probably started “correcting” it to mirror it’s assumed etymology by adding the “h”, however the “wimp” spelling is far more common~ Not that it really matters anyway as language, including spelling, changes over time, so “correct spelling” isn’t really “correct” but rather “the current standard”~ “Whimp” is perfectly acceptable and is simply a variation, not incorrect~

        • Neil

          A whimp is: anyone who spells ‘wimp’ with an ‘h’.

          • Whimpy

            Uh… Please explain this ‘fact’ sir.

  6. Bill Murphy

    Flesh grows back, stuffed animals do not. Sorry Wayne, I have to side with Guy on this one. ;)

  7. astroturtle

    Wayne is really on a winning streak lately.

    • View

      I wouldn’t call it “winning”.

    • adam ct
      adam ct

      well how about losing the least streak.

    • davidbreslin101

      Wayne ALWAYS wins if doing so would cause him more pain and humiliation than losing.

  8. Enorelle

    The drawings are really pretty for this one ! Beautifull colors :D

  9. WaveformD

    Even if Wayne HAD remembered his umbrella, he doesn’t own an acid-proof one like Guy.

    • Markoknock

      Who said it was acid proof, it just probably dissolves slower then clothes do.

  10. armyofready

    I wonder what Frank has been up to lately.

  11. Walhalla

    I don’t know what kind of “water” this is, but i DO know, that i need to fill it in the tanks for the next wet t-shirt contest.

    • Dan

      I’m pretty sure that spraying acid rain on girls would be concidered a crime against humanity.. if you are that hard up to see some boobies, try google

      • khamya9

        @dan, why do you assume that it’s acid? It is not harming Wayne’s skin or hair, it’s just dissolving his shirt.

        There’s not even any sign it’s affecting his pants.

        • danelsan

          Consider looking at his hair again. It certainly seems affected to me, what with the melting appearance and smoke coming out of it

  12. MrGBH

    Eh, he’s still a pansy. A little acid rain never hurt anyone (Much).

  13. Marscaleb

    Aww, and that was his favorite shirt, too.

  14. Doctor

    He’s probably feeling pretty alcohol right now