343 – Unforeseen

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  1. RazorD9

    Wow,I just can’t believe Wayne right now. I mean I never thought he’d make it this far with a woman. Amazing!

    • das-g

      Wayne didn’t expect it to make it that far, either. That’s why he didn’t plan further beyond that point in the conversation.

  2. Ha

    Every time.
    Every time you introduce a new female character that we’re likely never to see again, I fall in love.

    You’re good at that.

    • =P

      drunk know what the fans whants: females

    • Kumata

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Gotta give it to the man he doesn’t skip on character design, even the one-strip-appearance people

    • dAVE

      Well she could become a regular, recurring character. Webcomics have the benefit of evolving, deepening the cast members. They don’t want to end like Garfield after all (I’m sorry, that was really offensive, I shouldn’t have even mentioned that name)

      • Ourorboros

        Well any on-going work can evolve. Look at Bloom County, the center went from Milo Bloom, to Binkley, to Opus with some Limekiller, Cutter John, and Olliver Wendall Jones sprinkled in.

        As for Garfield, Jim Davis has admitted he doesn’t like the character. It’s Just that the money got too good to kill it. So he has no motivation or liking to evolve the world.

      • Jeremy Kuehnau
        Jeremy Kuehnau

        There’s nothing wrong with Garfield, just because it’s predictable. Honestly I like the John comics better, since he introduced Liz as an almost weekly character, the strips have gotten a little better.

    • GodOfMetal

      This, so much this.
      He just does it EVERY TIME.

  3. Mister Rik
    Mister Rik

    Okay, yeah, Wayne is officially me.

    • Wanako

      Including the clones?

      • ALLxISxGONE

        …. Yes.

  4. Me-me

    “Haha, you like it? There’s a bunch on the internet. So can I buy you a drink?”

  5. erdbeere

    Why did that line even work?

    • shadowmoon522

      just like there are guys that are loose in the pants, theres girls that are loose in the pants.

  6. shadowmoon522

    the last time i saw some guy use that kinda line on a girl, the bar tender punched him out cold. i asked the bar tender why he punched the guy, aside from the crappy pick-up line & the fact that he was drunk off his ass. he put down the glass he was holding, glared at me & said “thats my daughters wife. shes just as much my daughter as my own daughter”. in the end the guy got dragged out by his own wife who had come searching for him. after seeing him K.O’d in the corner with a sign saying “kick a jerk for a dollar”(got 200 dollars before the wife came me and the bar keep split it 50/50) and asking what happened. she woke him up & started beating the hell out of him in the middle of the bar. then she went and swiped my chair while i was busy talking with the bar tender. at that point some of the people there decided it was time to end the entertainment. i just wanted the chair i was sitting on back(some how my coat got stuck to it). it ended up coming down to a tug of war not really that fun with a woman that want to go praying mantis on her husband, luckily for me i wasn’t him. at that point a couple guys grabbed her to hold her back. after she calmed down enough & realized what she did she apologized to everyone and dragged him off like a piece of luggage.

    • someboddy

      Did the bartender charge the wife for kicking the jerk?

      • DocSavage

        My guess would be no. She already owned him, though the Barkeep could have split it three ways for her having to put up with him.

    • Mr. Velte
      Mr. Velte

      That is… REMARKABLY excessive.

    • Secret

      Probably the worst story I’ve ever heard. I sincerely hope it’s fake.

    • Tibbles

      Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling.

      (^ nice way of saying “bullshit”)

      I totally would believe that a guy got punched out for hitting on someone inappropriately. I totally believe that they would end up in some corner with a sign around their neck. That’s about as far as I’ll go.

  7. Jim North
    Jim North

    This is, without a doubt, the absolute worst thing that has happened to Wayne so far.

  8. LauW

    Make one or two more of this short story ! :D

    • O8h7w


      Pretty please with extra cheese?

  9. Wayne

    In fact the second one was cooler… if she liked the first I would expect a laugh instead of a sad face… women, so misterious.

    • Gillsing

      But the second one wasn’t a cheesy pickup-line. It was just an honest excuse for not having any more cheesy pickup-lines to offer to the woman who really wanted to hear more cheesy pickup-lines. It is no mystery to me why someone who expects something shows a sad face when they don’t get what they want.

      • Wayne

        Have to agree, the answer isn’t the problem, the lack of action is the case… poor Wayne, he didnt realize he reached the point when anything said is still counting no matter how silly. Heh.

  10. Zonk

    The evolution of Wayne’s face
    1: “Hey baby!”
    2: “Wait, what…”
    3: “Crap…”

  11. Lorialet

    So Wayne is so used to being rejected from the start that he doesn’t know what to do when his lines actually work?

    • Zonk


      • David

        Takes one back to the courtship of Mike Doonesbury and J.J. Caucus, doesn’t it?

  12. fishyjoe

    i think that wayne is actually the mirror… when i look at him, i see myself.

  13. All Else Fails
    All Else Fails


    But yeah, Wayne finally lucked out and his script was too short. X)

  14. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Aww. So close, so far away. Maybe next time, Wayne.

  15. Arc

    Damn you Wayne. You made me notice I would be stuck at the exactly same situation.

  16. ChaosAnarchy

    Dear lord she’s awesome looking, please keep her on in some sort of role. I dunno why, maybe I just like girls with long hair these days as women all think the ‘pixie cut’ and ‘shoulder bob’ looks good (it doesn’t if everyone is freaking doing it btw). Vote to keep pretty brunette (and now she’s doomed!)

  17. Effusion

    This is the closest Wayne will ever come to actual happiness.
    Missed it by that much.

  18. TTigerz

    I hope we’ll see her more often! And that she either gets into a war with Guy or becomes very good (and scary) friends with her. ^^

  19. Doctor

    Is it sad that I LOVE corny pick-up lines?

  20. Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man
    Mr. Fabulous Bottom Trouser Man

    well, at least he broke the ice.

  21. Wewec

    Oh God, I think I’m love with this girl. Please, man, keep her around! Look, I’m begging you.

  22. Screw

    Great … long avoided that feeling for this comic, but with this one, i wish there would be a continuing story-plot. He deserved that girl. Would help him.

  23. Bean

    I dunno, I like this comic the way it is without continuity.

  24. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Understand women that Wayne is unable to talk more because he is usualy shut down at this point