344 – Under Achiever

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  1. dAVE

    Also, dating someone currently in police custody (most likely) is probably not allowed.

  2. Hugly

    I thought that green glass was a bong for a second there. I was shocked, then unsurprised.

  3. bmark

    guy’s hand in that last frame is bothering me. is that her thumb?

    • Flint

      No, it’s her hand. : |

    • Ourorboros

      Her thumb is facing out, almost perpendicular to her hand.

    • Anatomy Professor
      Anatomy Professor

      As you can plainly see, like many mammals, such as dogs and cats, Guy’s first digit on her right hand actually starts a third of the way up her forearm. The angle is obviously dislocation due to a muscle spasm at the thought that someone didn’t succeed in killing Wayne. Perhaps the new clones are more durable.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        The term ‘dewclaw’ now has two meanings for me.

  4. kdebones

    Yes, that’s her thumb. It’s a smidge to far down her hand. It’s like, on her arm…… FRAAAAANK!


    And yet…

  6. EndofWays

    If Guy didn’t date anyone who has tried to kill Wayne, or at least hurt him in some fashion, she couldn’t date at all.

    • adam ct
      adam ct

      this tells me Wayne has a shot at guy, he is the one who hurts himself the most.

  7. Z2

    So, Wayne has died/been killed so many times at this point that he doesn’t even register it as an event any different from, say, getting movie tickets. Good to know.

    • khamya9

      I’m fairly certain the Wayne’s don’t like to die and don’t remember dying. It’s more that he also knows Guy, and he’s an idiot.

    • Ourorboros

      Wayne is unaware of his deaths. It seems Frank restores him at a “save point”.
      See strip 9 “Wayne 3.0″.

      • Kirby

        Re-reading the first handful of comics, I think its amusing that it seems like Frank was originally intended to be the normal/most reasonable of the three.

        My, how things have changed.

        • Ourorborous

          It’s the normal ones you have to watch out for.

  8. AngryFrenchKanadian

    Taking Stockholm Syndrome to the next level.

  9. Ourorboros

    Yeah, failing to kill Wayne is missing low bar.

  10. feneris

    at least he’s learning his place in the world.

  11. QuantumManiac

    Hah! Wayne’s eyebrow really IS a bandage!

    • Anatomy Professor
      Anatomy Professor

      Don’t worry, that is normal. There is a facial depilation issue with clones. That is why he has also only ever had such a sorry excuse for a beard. Apparently he just ran out of yellow ones today and the incomplete murder attempt did not leave him with enough time to replenish his supply.

  12. Red_Peace

    why don’t wayne and guy just fuck already?

    • Eisbaer

      Almost happened once. But then Wayne wanted to play badminton.

      • Ourorborous

        We don’t know that sex would have happened. We do know that she thought abusing Wayne would be relaxing.
        The ultimate punishment would have been being beaten and teased without sex after all.

        Plus it’s Wayne and she is Guy. Almost is as good as it will get for him.

    • Eisbaer

      Oh, and there was another time it almost happened. But then Frank synthesized a cure for the zombie outbreak.

  13. Ourorborous

    I just noticed that Wayne is drinking from a Wayne logoed drink – Green glass with a vertical oval.

    • RBZ

      I took that to be an ice cube.

  14. Liar

    It gives me great amusement that Wayne has a say in who Guy should date. Perhaps Guy cares about his opinions after all.


    Ah, who am I kidding?

  15. Lops

    If hurting Wayne gives you points with Guy, then on top of her list there should be nature. And Frank.

  16. All Else Fails
    All Else Fails

    Um…Wow. I wonder what would happen if Wayne died for the last time and if there were no clones. Do you think Frank and Guy would care, because as of now Wayne has been treated more as a thing than a human.

    • All Else Fails
      All Else Fails

      And by as of now, I mean since the cloning was mentioned way back when.

  17. Thomas

    Is it just me, or is Guy’s hair getting bigger and bigger?

    • RBZ

      It’s just part of a cycle.

      Guy’s hair gets bigger and bigger, then it gets cut short with an accompanying hairdressing strip, where Wayne falls foul of some hairdressing aspect. Then Guy’s hair proceeds to get bigger and bigger again.

      • RBZ

        Oh, and usually a week or so before the hairdressing strip, someone comments about Guy’s hair seeming to be getting bigger and bigger.

  18. DanVzare

    Do my eyes decieve me, is Guy really listening to Wayne!

  19. Grim_Reaper

    Wayne’s glass looks like his shirt.

  20. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I could so see guy drinking a whisky on the rocks and Wayne a Mojhito.