346 – Opposites – Part 1

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  1. Jaron

    So…it’s an alternate possibility world where Wayne doesn’t have infinite lives in stock?

    • Kirby

      Well, if it’s an alternate universe where everyone is the complete opposite of themselves, that would make Frank a loudmouthed idiot.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        Frank is a multiversal constant.

        • Bmark

          so is guy’s hair, apparently.

      • Arc

        I betcha Frank already went to that universe and corrected that error.

  2. ecurps

    this just solidified it. Guy is the adult version of Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

    • Nekro13

      Sorry but Mandy got a lot more sadistic after marrying Grim http://grim.snafu-comics.com/?comic_id=0 (I can’t remember which chapter shows off her sadistic side but the current arc, she’s pretty evil)

      • ecurps

        …. i am so confused by this. i’m only familiar with the cartoon and have never seen nor heard of this comic before.

        • Chirigami

          ecurps, that’s just a fan-made comic… That’s not a canon thing. And IMO the story is terrible and really OOC. The drawings are amazing, that, I cannot deny.

          • ecurps

            ok. -phew- weirded me out a bit there….

            what’s “OOC” mean…?

          • CBob

            @ecurps: OOC means “Out Of Character”.

          • Uncle Jellyfish
            Uncle Jellyfish

            I dunno….I just finished reading it from the beginning until now (thanks for the link, Nekro13), and although they are out of character, I’m still enjoying it. UPDATE FASTER, DAMN IT. Also, this is one of my favorite TwoGAG pages. :3

    • khamya9

      I’m more thinking it’s like the original introduction of Piccolo from Dragon Ball where he’d been split into his two halves: His evil half and his Not quite as evil half.

  3. Jason

    Part 1, Story arc? Oh my

  4. Jason

    Funny that alternative universe Guy killed Wayne within the 3rd comic strip

    • name

      inbetween the 3rd and the 4th

  5. Liar

    Continuity? In TWOGAG?

    What alternate reality have I slipped in?

    • =P

      or more likely well see frank and wayne versions in part 2 and 3

  6. zeed316

    Put frank in front of it. I want to see what happens.

    • Only Under the Rafters
      Only Under the Rafters

      No you dont

      • SrPilha

        ^ this.

        You really, really don’t.

        I do, though.

  7. JSuros

    If this is Guy’s potential opposite, what does this say about Guy? Not as mean as she acts, or just likes to keep people alive to continue their torment?

    • Ralanr

      I think our Guy tends to let it out more and is less destructive for it….which if I am right I do not want to see what world the flower Guy is from. Just holding all that in….*shudders*

    • trindflo

      I too had trouble reconciling how our Guy could somehow be nicer than …? Maybe it’s just that under the surface our Guy does give much of a hot cow patty about much. Mirror Guy seems to care a lot.

  8. TSpiffu

    Makes a surprising amount of sense.

  9. TFBW

    Who’s going to inflict violence on Frank for apostrophe misue in panel #1?

  10. Guesticus

    Don’t you mean ‘wienie’ (or however you spell it) in panel 3?

    • Kalomin

      Your forgetting these are OPPOSITE possibilities. So apparently Wayne goes from wimpy loud-mouthed idiot, to a “meanie”.

  11. DanVzare

    Wait a minute, shouldn’t an opposite of Guy be an actual guy?

    • BMunro

      And old rather than young, fat rather than thin, dead rather than alive…that particular rabbit hole has no bottom.

  12. MaryFilipina

    I sense that Frank would cast no reflection. This disturbed me.

    • Blue_Elite

      I think there would be a reflection but as mentioned above it would be the exact same Frank. They would probably be colluding even.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        Two Franks are the same as one.

  13. Marscaleb

    Okay, I’m quite serious here, could we PLEASE get some more appearances of this quantum-probability Guy? Please? She’s too awesome for just one strip.

  14. sol

    I hate to be *that* guy (pun intended?), but there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “lets” in the first panel.

  15. BMunro

    Here’s one way to look at – regular Guy is a good person who extremely nasty due to being full of demons. Opposite Guy is a psychopath who is entirely demon-free.

  16. feneris

    they’re exact opposites. One tolerates Wayne, the other didn’t

  17. JR

    Sorry about this…
    Let’s you observe. That is “Let us you observe”. Maybe you wanted “lets”? But that is not proper either, you should use “will let”.
    Once again, I profoundly apologize for this comment.

    • Kalomin

      Lets (without the apostrophe) means something similar to “allows”. The Negative Quantum Possibility Surface lets(allows) you… now it seems to read the same, right?

  18. Zetsumeimaru

    Guy is awesome no matter the universe

  19. Jesse

    Oh dear lord, ours is the good one.

    • Vermilion

      That realisation is really frightening.

  20. mailsprower1

    So it has come to… CONTINUITY.

  21. Trevor

    Just want to say that the dictionary definition now has another definition for literally in that it is now acceptable to use literally as figuratively. It literally is blowing my mind. And I mean literally not literally.

  22. Kaijp

    If I get it right, it’s not that the new Guy tolerate Wayne more, it’s just that she’s being direct instead of sarcastic about it! XD

  23. ThatOwlGuy

    part 1… meaning multiple parts… meaning story arc…


  24. Alechsa

    So… the other Guy kills for an annoyance…. that means…. ‘normal’ Guy is the GOOD Guy?!?!?

    • name

      good guy guy?

    • Effusion

      I think it’s just that our guy represses her rage and opposite guy has a more cathartic approach.

  25. Rock

    o_o Wow. How very, very sobering…

  26. █████

    One of the interesting thing about Quantum Probability Surfaces, negative or otherwise, is that they’re not permeable to sound waves.

    I’m not exactly sure how they’re able to talk with “Nega-Guy” but I don’t believe it’s a good thing.

    • Kalomin

      Ahh, but you see? in this situation, they are understanding each other the same way WE “hear” what they say. Obviously Frank has made it so that they can read speech bubbles of what the person on the other side is saying.

  27. redfacefuck

    the grass ant always greener

  28. Dannys

    it would be funny if Wayne looked into it but saw nothing because hes dead (since that Guy killed him) and hes totally freaked out and confused.

  29. OJhat

    looking back, Guy was alot cuter in the earlier days before the major hair and expression change.

  30. Deo

    Literally has been interchangeable with Virtually for literally decades.

  31. Saeed

    This might possibly be my favourite strip you’ve done.