359 – Weird

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  1. Ominous

    The ladies rather rub some pussy than go on a date with Wayne.

    • Ourorboros

      She’d rather pet her own pussy rather than date Wayne.

  2. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    That cat…pure evil.

    • Effusion

      So just your average house cat then.

  3. wererat2000

    I think the cat might be trying to pull him into a 3some…

  4. Jason

    Oh wow first 4 panel comic

    • thissguy

      well, it could still be funny with just three panels

  5. Uncle Jellyfish
    Uncle Jellyfish

    Favorite one by far. BY FAR. That is every cat, ever.

  6. dAVe

    Friend zoned by a cat? Ouch.

    • Saskyou


      • MangaEngel

        You don’t know, did you ask the cat, if it actually would date Wayne?

  7. Scud74

    you little sun of a…

    • Grim_Reaper


  8. shadowmoon522

    i wonder if that cat realizes its just being used as an excuse?

  9. Scruffles United (the third)
    Scruffles United (the third)

    Is that Guy? Very feminine if it is!!

    • WLP

      Pretty sure that’s not Guy. My first clue is that it looks nothing like Guy. My second clue is that I can’t picture Guy showing affection to any living thing, even if it’s merely as a ploy to get rid of Wayne.

      • DancingDrake

        I think they were meaning the cat…

        • WLP

          Yeah, that makes about as much sense.

  10. Joseph the Greatest

    everyone knows that cats are just lizards with hair

    • shadowmoon522

      no their mammals, like us humans. you don’t have to be a reptile to be considered evil. spiders are considered evil & often mistaken for insects while they are arachnids. funny how all these Innocent creatures are called evil when good & evil are just man-made concepts.

      • Houto


      • Ourorboros

        Because it is people who call them evil – you know, the ones who made the concepts and found something to personify them.
        The same ones who catagorize, name, etc.
        Which – fits no idea of funny. Not even ironically.

      • Dakhem Uaid
        Dakhem Uaid

        Preeeety sure that was something we call a joke, Shadowmoon.

        • shadowmoon522

          i was wondering how long til someone would say that. it took longer then i expected, i was expecting the first response to say that, not the 3ed.

  11. Zonk

    Hey, a rare close-up and I love it!

  12. セイコー英語電子辞書 セイコ腕時計 グランドセイコー ハイビート
    • shadowmoon522

      translation: Seiko English electronic dictionary Seiko watch Grand Seiko high beat

      seiko 6r15

      in other words a crappy watch salesmen thats trying to sell watches by spamming a webcomic