360 – Cupcake

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  1. Jenthura

    I’ve never seen Frank say so much. Almost out of character. I’m pretty sure the cupcakes contain a relatively harmless cyanide, and the real experiment is on paranoia.

    • Ourorboros

      It’s also out of character for Frank to be concerned about how others see him.

      But Frank doesn’t lie, so the “cupcakes” probably have nothing wrong with them.
      He tells very narrow truths though, so his definition of “wrong” might not match Wayne’s.

      This fits with Frank’s paranoia experiment though.

      • das-g

        Well, “cupcakes” means they’re made of kibbled cups, doesn’t it?

        • Yotz

          No, just transgenic horsemeat.
          Frank is very proud of it, you know – he spliced her genes personally.

      • khamya9

        Well, he must have lied either in the first word bubble of the first panel “I made cupcakes” or in the last panel “making these look like cupcakes”. So we know he does lie.

        That said, he’s also a very good scientist, and I’m sure he made no mistakes when preparing those things to look like cup cakes.

        A perfectly created virus or mutagenic compound doesn’t have anything wrong with it. Only one that has mistakes (turns you into a green monster instead of a blue one as intended) has something wrong with it.

        • Sami LaButts
          Sami LaButts

          Actually, he did make cupcakes. They’re just not cupcake-flavoured.

        • Luckeux

          He isn’t lying… He is just omitting details… In the first bubble he must have meant that he made cupcake-looking things.

        • Shen Hibiki
          Shen Hibiki

          In fact, he made them cupcakes when he decorated them.
          So yes, he made cupcakes, and spent a long time making them look like cupcakes!

  2. DancingDrake

    Hmmm… this Wayne clone has been around too long. His survival instincts are starting to kick in.

    • Shade2075

      Hence the need for the ‘cupcake’

  3. washu

    perhaps some tiny grain of wisdom has manifested itself in our current Wayne.

  4. armyofready

    At first i thought Wayne meant three SLICES of pizza, but upon re-reading it was actually THREE ENTIRE PIZZAS.

  5. Sora1995

    After the rat poison in the other batch, it’s a good thing he isn’t taking these!

    • Ourorboros

      Wayne only asked about nuts in those muffins. It’s his fault he didn’t ask about rat poison.

  6. Bliss

    Wayne has finally learned Genre Savvy….

  7. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Holy crap! A Wayne clone that isn’t gullible or naiive? This just might be the start of something interesting!
    . . .
    Eh, I give ‘em about 2 more strips, 3 tops.

  8. Caktus

    Green, blue and red cupcakes?
    First thing I thought was Mass Effect 3 ending. I’m still bitter…


    • YuKaraya

      As a gamer and fan of Mass Effect, I’m kind of disappointing in this sort of behavior. It’s important for our opinions to be heard but when you act out too much it makes you look like an ass. The ended to Mass Effect 3 was left very vague, yeah, but maybe that was an storytelling touch the writer felt was necessary, as some vague endings happen to be the most thought provoking. Besides, with issues like poverty, homelessness, and starvation affecting many of us (Including myself, a few times), it seems silly to get so upset over something fictional. ME3 was a very fun game. The level design was the best, in my opinion, and the story progression wasn’t bad overall.

      • SomePunk

        That was jerk thing to send to the company that made the game.

        but come on people, it should have been obvious to everyone after the 2nd one that they didn’t actually have a solid story for a trilogy in place prior to making the first one. Any ending was going to piss off the “true” fans. The rest of us with more sense in our skulls just shrugged our shoulders and went with our lives.

  9. Snake Man448
    Snake Man448

    Poor Frank. His act of random kindness falls on deaf ears.

  10. feneris

    Holy crap… is that… survival instincts?

  11. Graham

    If he doesn’t want ‘em, I’ll have them.

  12. shadowmoon522

    this is the most original “the cake is a lie” “the cake is not a lie” portal reference i’ve ever seen.

  13. David

    Strychnine? Nerve agent?

    Whatever. Cupcake!

  14. HiddenBoss

    if you read he says they only look like Cupcakes, who knows what they are.

    The Cupcakes are a lie!

  15. Effusion

    I think Frank’s losing his edge, he used to be able to lie way better than that.

  16. TheInsidiousTruth

    What Wayne does not know is that they are not cupcakes but bran muffins that have been frosted to look like cupcakes. It is a whole new level of evil.

  17. davidbreslin101

    “Thanks to the perfected Intelligence Serum, Subject W-0143 is now just smart enough to understand that paranoia is always appropriate.”

  18. LauW

    It seems than Wayne learns !

    • Lennier

      The survival instincts and ability to learn must be a glitch in the cloning process. Considering how many times a new clone has needed to be detanked, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

      • Markoknock

        The intelligence of the clones are shared, but the way one died is erased. So that means that the clones are learning and are getting smarter.

  19. Ellipsis

    Hello. I liked the comic but also wanted to say that your early comics are appearing twice on each page. Also pressing “last” when on the first comic isn’t taking me to the last comic.

  20. strawdog

    no honestly wayne it’s my new anti-paranoia drug

  21. Rhapsody

    Wayne is getting smarter!!

  22. Alianna013

    Funny but it seems as though he is a paradox seeing as in the first comic he fought a child over a cupcake…

  23. Tobias_Marco

    The truth is that he likes cupcakes, however these aren’t cupcakes, and whatever they REALLY are, he doesn’t want to be putting it in his system, in fact he probably made whatever it is for Wayne to eat.

  24. Lops

    Please tell me I am not the only one to think they look like boobs.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      To a starving man everything looks like boobs.

  25. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I hate it when friends try to make health food look like dessert. Or vegetables look like burgers. Damn you Veggie Burgers!

  26. Doctor

    I don’t know what he’s talking about. This looks totally legit to me.

  27. Henry Valdez
    Henry Valdez

    What scares me, is that even though he knows Frank and what he does, Wayne is actually showing some common sense

  28. Scruffles United (the third)
    Scruffles United (the third)

    They are cupcakes that look like cupcakes. Maybe Frank is a poor chef and cannot make cupcakes that look like cupcakes. Also, we don’t know what the ingredients are that he used.

  29. Marscaleb

    This makes a great political cartoon if you replace the word “Cupcakes” with “Health care.”

  30. Mr Demon
    Mr Demon

    He’s like Heston, he can make anything look appetising…. It begs the question: Why is he sending flowers to hell…..