362 – Halloween Special – Part 2

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  1. Tim Timsen
    Tim Timsen

    I never knew tomatoes can be sexy~

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      Me neither… I thought tomatoes were juicy.

      • Asmodeus

        Careful, tomatos are also of the deadly nightshade family.

        • Toby

          Not many nightshades are deadly to humans. It is perhaps the most used/eaten plant family. Even the plant specifically know as Deadly Nightshade is used in medicine as a relaxer for eye surgery, due to the fact it numbs your body and greatly dilates your pupil.

    • boar

      tomatoes can never be sexy or even slutty, they are the scourge of humanity that can be nothing else but a nightmare invoking enemy and have to be exterminated.

      • Lennier

        Thank goodness! I am not alone in my hatred of Tomatoes.

      • Blackbird71

        As someone who has seen all four of the “Killer Tomatos” movies, I wholeheartedly concur.

  2. Vladimir Zhivanevskaya
    Vladimir Zhivanevskaya

    Guy, I don’t think that’s what they’re angry about…the renewed definition of the tomato as a fruit is obviously bringing up the bad feelings from the renewed definition of Pluto as “not a planet”.

    • washu

      “renewed definition of the tomato as a fruit”? the tomato has been called a fruit my whole life. was there some controversy in the news i missed?

    • Juleamun

      Tomatoes carry the seeds of the tomato plant and are therefore the fruit. Vegetable is the stem and leaves of a plant.

      • Pony_H.

        I know that there is a botanical definition of ‘fruit’, but there is non of the term ‘vegetable’.

        So as long as you don’t say straw-accessory-nut-fruit instead of strawberry, f**k off.

        • ??

          on the lines of strange factoids, cucumbers and pumpkins are both technically melons.

          • Pony_H.

            Well… if you wanted to say that all three are species of the family Cucurbitaceae and form berries as fruits, than – no. Please, don’t say that. Not like that. It could be misleading.
            It is much more fun btw to say, that cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and Broccoli are all cabbages! Because they really are the same species!

            Now, that you all know me as a botanical pedant, I’m going to eat a cookie.

        • Blackbird71

          Vegetable = root, stem, or leaf

          The whole thing with tomatos being mistakenly classified as vegetables was the result of an act of congress – further proof that government can’t get anything right.

  3. sic

    well, tomatoes appear to be berries…

    • Nessus

      Berries are a subset of fruit.

  4. Peyote Short
    Peyote Short

    Pluto people, get over it. It’s smaller than our moon!

    • ACF

      More importantly, it’s of comparable size to other objects in it’s orbit.

  5. Uzuki Cheverie
    Uzuki Cheverie


    also I don’t care what any argument says, tomatoes will always be a vegetable to me > w <

    • RBZ

      Good catch! Potential LOSRH cross-over?

    • Aramil

      Do you also consider trucks to be cars?

  6. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    That’s one saucy tomato.

  7. washu

    Wayne could claim he was dressed as an Asian fruit farmer….

    • View

      Or you know.. a casual racist fruit farmer

  8. draco

    apparently who ever sent the email didn’t know about the slutty fruit cup costume

    • washu

      woah! it’s like frank made a flawed clone of the 60′s generation.

  9. Ourorboros


    • Dante

      I know, right? :O

  10. All Else Fails

    Dammit Justin Timberlake! I can’t have any damn fun with strobes without your damn song popping in my damn head!. Damn!

  11. RazorD9

    Bah, they’re just jealous that Guy can pull off the wohle fruit thing and still make it seem sexy.

  12. Sheason

    She could always say she’s Tara Boumdeay, from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

  13. Mabutofu

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

  14. Guesticus

    It’s the same as stupid (please note: this is not aimed at the non-stupid) americans who insist on calling the ‘kiwifruit’ a ‘kiwi’ (a ‘kiwi’ is a flightless bird about the size of chubby chicken that lays an egg that would make an ostrich cringe)

    It’s actually a variation on the ‘Chinese gooseberry’, but kiwi-ized (like what we did with the Japanese sandal and Mount Everest :D)

    • dAVe

      Lol, what? That’s weird. In my country it’s the opposite, we call the “kiwi fruit” a “kivi” or “kiwi” and we usually put bird in the end when we referring to the animal (and in that case that’s always written with a “v”)

      • Guesticus

        It’s kiwifruit, one word, like strawberry or passionfruit (kiwiberry is different kind of fruit)

        • Vermilion

          “The kiwifruit (usually kiwi fruit in British English), often shortened to kiwi in many parts of the world”

  15. Ano Thea Nymous
    Ano Thea Nymous

    I agree with guy about not doing SLUTY things (panel two, guy’s balloon, line 4 of 6). I’d rather see her do SLUTTY things :)

  16. strawdog

    Bloody hell,
    why is everyone going all botanical when the operative word for the joke is slut?

  17. InfiniteViking

    There’s a typo in panel 2. It’s slutty, not sluty :)

  18. Marscaleb

    Ohhhh, I thought she was a strawberry at first.

  19. Tom Falco

    That’s some juicy, fruity tomato.

  20. Houto

    THANK YOU GUY-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!