363 – Halloween Special – Part 3

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  1. NYEH.

    Oh Frank you silly man

  2. armyofready

    I thought Guy was blushing in the first panel and thought, “Q: Why did the tomato blush? A: Because he saw the salad dressing”

  3. shadowmoon522

    apparently whoever sent the email telling all the girls to dress as fruits, wasn’t expecting a naked man planing on making a bloody fruit salad, with or without the fruit

    • Casual Sarcastist
      Casual Sarcastist

      That still doesn’t explain the little hat on his fruit and two veg.

    • das-g

      So Guy has the right costume to conform to the email and to be save. Which means, she’s knowledgeable and wise.

      (Unlike a “Bloody Mary”, a “bloody fruit salad” doesn’t contain any tomato juice.)

    • NYEH.

      Maybe it was Frank who sent the E-mail for one of his weird plots…?

  4. Vladimir Zhivanevskaya
    Vladimir Zhivanevskaya

    Some might think that Frank has chest hair. They would be wrong, as those are obviously sutures.

  5. draco
  6. edddddthemadgenius

    1. guy is the cutest tomato ever and i cant get over that

    2. omg nooooo. guy, look away! I wonder if frank is anatomicaly correct? I always just kinda assumed he wasnt, somehow.

  7. dxm2000

    Okay, seriously, why is everybody translucent?

    • ark9885

      they aren´t traslucent those are the lights,like if you stand in the way of a proyector

  8. NYEH.

    They’re not, it’s lights making them Seem that way.

  9. Rhapsody

    Ok.. who is he fixing to kill? The knife is still clean….

  10. ark9885

    you realize that is the first time (at least that I remember) that there is continuity between comics

    • e

      yep, the comic title says halloween special, so expect at least one or two more

    • Vladimir Zhivanevskaya
      Vladimir Zhivanevskaya

      No, there was continuity before. See this comic here: http://www.twogag.com/archives/3058

  11. Ravij

    If this continues.. I feel we may see Wayne… soon.

  12. ADHadh

    He’s just a few bloodstains away from a Brock Sampson costume.

  13. Grumpy

    Yup, Mr super genius, the universes mysteries are my play things, can’t read a calendar.

  14. May Day
    May Day

    Cool, Frank is at the party. Knock ‘em dead, y’know, with your uh, humor.

  15. Mr Demon
    Mr Demon

    Well that was a bust. I will ask frank if we can find the VR he gave us, good old “Fruit Ninja” will fix him.

  16. DanVzare

    If he was invisible, wouldn’t we still be able to see his goggles. Or are those goggles really his eyes!

    Or by invisibilty suit, he actually means a suit which makes you invisible. While probably makes more sense, but most suits don’t cover the head. I’m really curious to see what his invisibilty suit looks like.

    • das-g

      I’m really curious to see what his invisibilty suit looks like.

      You’re assuming the invisibility suit has a visual appearance. If Frank mixes it up with no suit, I bet it hasn’t. (Maybe the invisibility suit is even indistinguishable from no suit while not worn. And for the wearer, probably even when worn, or Frank would have noticed.)

    • NYEH.

      The goggles aren’t actually his eyes because in one of the previous strips he takes them off.

  17. P.J. SHOE

    In my head Frank sounds like Brian Posehn. Am I alone in this

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy


  18. Doctor

    I can’t comprehend Frank having genitalia. I don’t know why. He seems above that nonsense.

  19. Tanya


  20. sol

    Anyone think of Creed from The Office?
    The comic brilliant as always.