370 – Androgynous Introdiction

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  1. Ano

    Will we ever know?

  2. Knocks

    I don’t think Wayne could actually have a thousand dollars to give. And if he did, Guy probably would have stolen it from him.

  3. HAB

    The real question is, how Wayne is someone’s favourite person

    • Ominous

      By Said person possibly being so flamboyant that they could be a gay man, but so effeminate that they could be a woman. And is so confusing that the only known gay man in the comic can’t even tell.

  4. Liar

    When the lights are off, will it matter?

    • Ribbity

      That depends, do you like it from behind?

    • das-g

      To Wayne, it does. Especially when the lights are off.

      See, he like Alex’ appearance. Can’t see any of that without light, so he’d need some other … whatd’yacallit … “incentive”?

  5. Icsifil

    I take it Guy just refers to Alex with gender neutral pronouns.

    • Ourorboros

      Or by name.

  6. Nakari

    Just do the normal thing. Do a “grab test”.

    Prisons fun. Neighbors look at me funny, though.

    • michael

      oh gawds… you have me dieing on the floor right now from your comment. well done!!

  7. Lani

    You know, there’s a super easy way to find out Alex’s gender…

    “So, what’s ‘Alex’ short for?”

    • Lops


      • Lani

        that’s a girl’s name

        • redfacefuck

          it is????

          • shadowmoon522

            its also a male name: Alexander

          • Lops

            It’s both male and female. That’s the joke.


          • Lani

            I thought so, but that was before Lops’ wikipedia article.

  8. washu

    maybe Alex’s gender is “Hideyoshi”.

    • Liar

      The joke eludes me. Care to clarify?

      • Buckeroo
      • Myself

        Reference to a Japanese light novel Baka and Test, one of the prime characters is an effeminate boy named Hideyoshi and any time gender comes into play he’s referred to as a “Hideyoshi” even going so far as to having a separate bathroom/lockeroom just for Hideyoshi.

  9. shadowmoon522

    well theres only 4 possibilitys male, female, both, or neither

    • das-g

      Those are only four extremes.

  10. Whysteria

    I ran into this situation recently, one of my husband’s game friends he chats with on the mic sounded like a guy but he kept talking about his boyfriend and my husband just couldn’t decide how to ask the guy if he was in fact a guy so one day I was walking through the living room, grabbed his mic and said ‘Hey! Your a dude right?’ the reply was yes and then I said ‘Oh so your gay, send me pics sometime ;D’ lol

  11. Marscaleb

    When I went back and read the older comic, I had to laugh out loud.

  12. MangaEngel

    A being that attractes the species “Wayne” and it’s closest relatives, the “Lars”. While the courtship display is very high on both sides, the actual mating does rarely happen due to a certain degree of confusion on the “Wayne”-side.
    Scientists are currently trying to figure out how to overcome this weird behaviour, as the “Wayne” is risking extinction. Only thanks to the effort of a researcher named Frank has been able to keep it alive for years until now, even though his methods are yet unknown.

  13. Wereg

    Man, I want a version of this with Alex asking Guy what gender Wayne is.

    Because we all know Guy would be ambiguous just to spoil Wayne’s chances of getting laid.

    • Dorcus

      Nah, Wayne’s to clearly a male. The joke is ambiguity so the question would be, “Wayne’s gay, right?” Asked in such a way as to be ambiguous as to whether Alex was asking, “Is this why we aren’t furiously coupling at this very moment?” OR “Am I wasting my time hitting on a Heterosexual dude.”

  14. Arc

    Ah… The old “Run to the forest and stay there forever” trick to avoid persons. Never gets old.

  15. Scruffles United (the third)
    Scruffles United (the third)

    Maybe they are all gay voiding the need for gender at all!

  16. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    Sigh..what else can we expect from friend of a girl who sports the name- Guy

  17. RBZ

    Perhaps Alex is a Guy?

    • shadowmoon522

      if so franks cloning system is buggy….

  18. CatfishBlue

    Strip 370 as a follow-up to 307. Was the number flip done on purpose?

    And the identical layout is hilarious. Or maybe I’m too easily amused.

  19. Ker the Rogue
    Ker the Rogue

    I see flared hips, how ever slight, and a slight swelling on the chest, hinting at AA, maybe A sized cups.

  20. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Géjà vu …

  21. pinecat

    LOL Wayne you’re so smart. :3

  22. J42

    S/he’s hot, who cares what’s down there?

    • Lani

      people who aren’t bi-sexual?

      • Fratriarch

        Fuck those people. I mean it.

  23. Mr. Velte
    Mr. Velte

    I LOVE these brick jokes!

  24. RazorD9

    Way to whore your cousin out Wayne.

  25. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I laughed because I immediately thought of a person I knew who was a friend at one point. She was one that it was hard to tell if they were male or female. She played Soccer/Football had a more masculine look for a female. She went by a shortened version of her name Ann which was short Annie, which was confusing cause Ann can also be short for Anthony which a guy I know went by with his friends. I couldn’t tell until I saw her in her soccer/football uniform.

    • Casey 1988
      Casey 1988

      Oh and Annie’s voice sounded nether female or male.

      I suppose some of the problems Wayne is having are similar to what I had with Annie some though seem the opposite for Wayne like more feminine look to masculine. Aparently Wayne is having problems bad enough that he had to bring his brother Lars to help find out if Alex is a super effeminate gay or if Alex is a women and then Wayne can try his unluck at going on a date with Alex.

  26. The Inquisitive Mug
    The Inquisitive Mug

    Last panel IDENTICAL (also, many props on bringing back this character): http://www.twogag.com/archives/2947

  27. M

    Glad to see Alex fixed those jeans at last

  28. William Brand
    William Brand

    And this is why being bisexual is a good thing.