372 – Clear Effort

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  1. shadowmoon522

    as always, the world is 3% away from destruction

  2. Jenthura

    Percentages are fine, it’s the rate of progress we need to worry about.

    • SrPilha

      Very, very well said.

      Also, Frank is just priceless on that las panel. So honest and innocent!

  3. washu

    yeah, on a typical day 37% of me wants to save the world and the other 63% wants to destroy it.

    • pyrosaitan1

      63% is ready and willing to destroy everything but that bitch of a 37% is always found procrastinating in the toilet telling everyone to wait up and give him a minute, and he only disappears when there are no more chances in the day

  4. BMunro

    Frank will never get around to destroying the world. There will always be another new and exciting way to destroy the world he needs to check out first.

    • Ourorboros

      And other parallel universes to try them out in. Frank also has a VR alt-world simulation running in near real-time.

      • Mr Demon
        Mr Demon

        Dammit! and I was so looking forward to seeing more Zombies down here…..I named one Peter, he lacks fingers.

  5. DanVzare

    Project Ender sounds like it’d make a great title for a game.

    • dAVe

      Where you learn the secret goal of the Ender man from Minecraft!

    • RBZ

      Would that make Frank the little doctor?

      • wr4ith0

        He’s 97% of the way to making a Wiggin!

  6. Drakkenmensch

    Pfffffft. Those are just names, that doesn’t mean that the projects are evil or destructive… oh yeah, if you ever see “Project Fuzzy Bunnies” complete then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T TURN IT ON. Just saying.

  7. wilder125

    First all of his bad projects will hit the planet like freight trains, then project Gaia will save what’s left. Turning it into a utopia, up until he finds new projects to work on.

  8. Marscaleb

    Oh please, it’s just a project name, like the Forbidden Project and the Death Project; ALL the projects have names like that.

    • Kirby

      In Frank’s laboratory of terror!

  9. mikkelib97

    Oh Frank. You silly goof-ball. Always acting oblivious, when you clearly know whats going on.

  10. jamie

    i love how these are all video game names too

  11. Mr Demon
    Mr Demon

    I’m still waiting for the VR simulation device to occur.

  12. Nobody

    I hate the new design of Guy, she looks like Sonic the hedgehog. Do over, make it right!

    • Anon43cusifeelit

      yea, here hair is way too big. she needs to go back to somewhere between now and her original design.

    • ihadalongnameonceandistillhave

      Yeah, i also kind of miss the way everyone bitched to each other

    • ihadalongnameonceandistillhave

      Yeah, i also kind of miss the way everyone bitched to each other. Then the “Predictable” strip came:/

    • Mr Demon
      Mr Demon

      I saw her set fire to the hair salon that messed up her hair the last time. She brought a bag of marshmallows and weenies to the fire too.

  13. Abiblibooop

    Frank said he was trying to save the planet… He never said anything about those LIVING on the planet. When he is done, the liquid covered rock orbiting a yellow star will be saved from the infestation of bacteria-like organisms that are inhibitting it’s ability to thrive.