075 – Monday Epiphany

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  1. Archon

    Love the double-fisted coffee mug.

    • Brad

      That’s not a mug, that’s a tanker. It’s as big as Guy’s head.

    • Casual Sarcastist
      Casual Sarcastist

      Anything being double-fisted is good, so long as it isn’t me.

      • Casey 1988
        Casey 1988

        Yes I don’t want to be double fisted either.

      • Jon Wood

        You should probably try to get in less fights.

  2. Canubirt

    This is by far the most sage advice Guy has ever recieved

  3. Rock

    Guy used to look so much cuter, back at the start of the comic… ^^;

    • SrPilha

      Let’s hope she doesn’t hear you say that…

    • Larkle

      Actually, I really like how her look has evolved.

  4. Lennier

    Guy must be getting old if she can’t handle her liquor anymore.

  5. Lennier

    It’s perfectly fine to hate Mondays so much you actually get sick. I hate my job so much I do the same.

  6. Mikko

    i love mondays because people hate mondays

    • Kallamez

      I like Mondays because that’s when my coke dealer returns from Medellin.

    • Guest

      in that case, following Guy’s example, I will love Mondays so you can not

      • Mikko

        i lied i hate mondays

        • Mikko

          that too is a lie

  7. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    I don’t hate Mondays…I hate Tuesdays!
    I just ignore Monday and pretend that it wasn’t even there to begin with..

  8. Name


  9. Taco

    How come Guy looks angry 24/7 now? I mean in this comic she has a reason, but back then she actually smiled in a happy way sometimes.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      She has become more aware of the people around her, and discovered Fox News.

  10. Scruffles United (the third)
    Scruffles United (the third)

    God, I love Guy, where can I meet her?

  11. Gap0911

    Why has the comic number suddenly jumped back 299 strips?
    That doesn’t seem right…

    • Pocket Lord Sephirjon
      Pocket Lord Sephirjon

      Yup, not the first time he left out the hundreds digit.

  12. RazorD9

    Huh, would this count as a kind of karma or just the sacrifice that Guy inventively makes in her life long quest to make everyone else miserable?

  13. The One Guy
    The One Guy

    I’ve never understood why people hate Mondays; out of all the workdays, Mondays are when you are the most refreshed and haven’t gotten tired of doing work yet. My least favorite day of the week is Thursday, as aside from Friday, it’s the day I’m most worn out and tired of work, but unlike Friday, I won’t be done for the week when I get out from work.

  14. Avgvst

    Hey, I’m not just “some guy”, mate!
    I have a name yanno :C

  15. Timni

    You know, I am really curious: Where the heck is Guy’s kid???

  16. █████

    Makes perfect sense to me.