386 – Carefree

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  1. Swagner

    Friends don’t let friends get eaten by cannibals.

    • YODO!

      Too true BM. A true sign of friendship is saving your friends from mutant cannibals and rape squids. Stabbing them in the head is also a sign of true loyalty!

    • wilder125

      Well, it is a sign of caring. One week to prepare to survive. Not many give their friends that much care.

  2. jeff

    hi, do you remember what i requested last time for the next comic? its ok bc you haven’t done it yet, but i thought you’d see what i mean


    thats part of what i was thinking for half of it, and the rest is in the parts i wrote in the comments last time. its not as good as you guys can do, but please do a special christmas comic

    • Moe

      Okay, WOW. Just… wow. How old are you? Until you correct me I’m gonna assume that you’re ten or something and just recently been introduced to the internet. That’s the only acceptable reason why you lack common etiquette when it comes to requests.

      1. This isn’t a NSFW site, so posting a link to bare breasts without warning is pretty damn unacceptable. You could get the artist in trouble depending what rules he has to follow in order to keep this website up- it varies I know, but you don’t know, and you could be getting someone innocent in trouble.

      2. As mentioned in the last comments section, you don’t make requests like that and just expect them to be done. There’s a commisions section if you want something specific to be made but you will have to pay money. Most web artist use web comics to make money, meaning that in a way, this is their JOB. Please respect that!

      3. This artist does typically make holiday comics, but he might have his own plans. If he does do anything relating to your request, don’t be surprised if he’s just mocking the sh*t out you.

      4. You double posted. So now we have to look at your ridiculous request twice. Thanks for that. Thanks.

      • dAVe

        Also that’s not fair. He gets to post sh*tty links with laughable MS Paint “art” but when I did it yesterday to send him an appropriate (SFW) reaction image it didn’t get past the moderation. :P

      • Lennier


    • Wren

      Can’t tell if you’re a troll or a hopeless porn addict who can’t tell when a comic isn’t rated xxx.

    • Saydian

      You make me sad :(

    • Day

      You’re more likely to get IP banned than anything else. Meaning, for you, this site will not exist anymore.

      • Guest

        unfortunately, no such luck, it may be a bit difficult to change your IP, but it is far from impossible, so this would only serve as a slight inconvenience to him.

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          I have a distinct feeling it may be beyond his comprehension level.

    • Aramil

      Go away.

    • Offensive Prick
      Offensive Prick

      I’ve lost all faith in this horny and soulless generation of young idiots…

      • Guest

        What do we have to do to show he is not representative of us? Kill him? Our generation is clearly much better represented by a group of blood-lusting idiots.

        • Offensive Prick
          Offensive Prick

          I think neutering him would suffice.

          • Larkle

            Never thought I’d find myself agreeing with an offensive prick, but, yeah. That should do it.

        • Ourorboros

          Guest, you were the one who went right to violence, after all. Which was kind of weird.

          • Guest

            not really: I said we would be better represented by a group of blood thirsty morons, then this horny one, therefore my solution was one of violence, if I thought we would be better represented by a group of intelligent mediators, I’d have suggested… something fair and balanced… If such a solution exists… But I did not, because I do not, so I did not knotty not do dew.

  3. jeff

    hi, do you remember what i requested last time for the next comic? its ok bc you haven’t done it yet, but i thought you’d see what i mean


    thats part of what i was thinking for half of it, and the rest is in the parts i wrote in the comments last time. its not as good as you guys can do. please do a special christmas comic for me

    • jeff

      moe, if you are the writer of this comic, please see my request a day ago for the special issue i talk about. my post today is part 2

      • Moe

        Are you intentionally trying to make yourself look like a complete idiot?

        • Spazturtle

          I don’t think he needs to try.

  4. washu

    Wayne, you have a powerful evil scientist for a “friend” and you can get favors from him whenever you want, but didn’t it ever occur to you that Frank might also have needs. I mean, who out there could save Frank from all the dedication and hard work needed to make his dreams come true. Some friend you are Wayne, tisk tisk. But, Frank, don’t stress about it. It may be lonely at the top, but it’s still fun to watch all the ant sized people scurry around below you.

    • AMystery

      This ^^

    • Guest

      but then again, maybe that’s why Wayne want to learn some skills, I mean I suppose he is useful to Frank as a guiny pig now, but he doesn’t know that (because if he did he would not be a very good guiny pig) so how’s a little guy like Wayne supposed to help a guy like Frank?

  5. Effusion

    Panel 3 is the most frightening thing Frank has ever said.

  6. AstroTurtle

    Frank could just build a friend to make all his concerns disappear.

    • Yotz

      Literally in all cases, I presume.

  7. mikkelib97

    Somehow i can relate to Wayne as a young adult. Well, except for the apocalypse thing. I would be so ready for it. Got plenty of ideas for weapons made from scrap.

  8. Marscaleb

    I want a friend like Frank.

  9. Arc

    Sorry, Frank. Entropy is a concern that wouldn’t disappear so easily.

  10. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    Time to clone yourself Frank!

  11. Anonymous001

    “If the world were to end tomorrow.”

    Anyone else notice that the day after this comic went live is the first anniversary of 12/21/12? Nostradamus?

  12. Poi

    For some reason this wish of Franks, this humanness, chills me more than any of his previous experiments…I see why Wayne considers these guys friends. For all the terrible things they do to him, they are affectionate in their own way. Its like trying to be friends with a cat that you dont feed water or clean litterbox for.

  13. Guest

    Hey, it’s Frank, we haven’t seen him in a while

  14. Guestttttttttttttttttt

    Knowing Frank has been able to create wish-making devices, cause apocalipses and much much more.. Wayne should be way more concerned about what’s troubling Frank rather than the fact that Frank can give him the exact dates of one of the apocalipses he’s going to create..

    Because it’d be really something way beyond extradimensional in scale to be capable of making Frank worried, I’d imagine..
    I don’t suppose he ages, right?

    • Offensive Prick
      Offensive Prick

      He doesn’t…

    • Larkle

      That worries me as well. What sort of concerns does Frank possibly have? That’s more ominous then the end of the world statement.

      • arkcine

        frank already made Wyne immortal as well, so….

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