389 – Inept Wish

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  1. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Note to Self: When wishing for superpowers, also ask for the natural ability to use them properly.

    • Swagner

      Or at least immunity to the more painful side effects.

  2. feneris

    Frank’s policy is, just because he can do for you, doesn’t mean it’ll work out the way you thought it would.

    • Stranger

      Just like FrankenFran.

      Don’t look into it if you’re of a weak stomach.

      • boar

        who cares about the stomach, it’s too funny for the midriff too handle.

  3. thissguy

    ~ 6 minutes later~
    frank: sorry for the wait. I also decided to create another doomsday device….you know, for fun

  4. shadowmoon522

    when asking frank for power of flight, one must never forget to also ask him for high speed regeneration & adoptive muscle memory

  5. Axmurders

    Wayne’s mistake: He didn’t also ask for the ability to land.

  6. Variable

    Noooooo…..I have finally caught up to the present. My six-hour twogag binge is finally over…

    I’m going to need rehab.

    • Guest

      the cure for what aiells you: the first button, now you can relive the memories all over again

  7. DonDueed

    Wait, what? Guy is actually visiting Wayne in the hospital?

    The mind boggles… unless, of course, it’s just to gloat.

    • Twenty-Three

      Maybe she had to drive him there. I feel as though the hospital would have stopped responding to calls about this “Wayne” fellow after how many of his clones have probably died already.

  8. AstroTurtle

    Damnit, I want Frank’s shirt.

  9. Kirakirarose

    Somehow my mind always skips this loophole…. Well. There went half my power wishes. Does the ability to kill off people at will take skill to learn…?

    • Guest

      nope, but you’ll probably kill yourself with an errant thought first

      • Kirakirarose

        Sounds about right, but what’s a few deaths between myself and friends anyway?

  10. CallMePayne

    Always remember to ground your square root kids.
    We do not play with electricity.
    Or gravity.

  11. Guest

    I just noticed, this bored is the same bored Frank was working on a few days ago when he offered to tell Wayne when the apocalypse was coming, that problem must be really stumping him

  12. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Not to mention… The Governmental Air Control (of wherever you live) will want to investigate.

  13. EmilyS

    Completely thought that would be the case then I first got a Wacom tablet XD Thought I’d instantly be good in digital painting

  14. jeff

    i was thinking that for the next comic you could have guy having sex with wayne while he’s in his full body cast

    • Moe

      You should stop thinking.

    • RBZ

      I was thinking that for the next comic you could have a moritorium on users called jeff commenting, and keep the moritorium going in perpetuity.

    • GodOfMetal

      Somehow I really doubt you were “thinking” at all.

      • dracospirit55

        oh he was thinking, just not with the right head

  15. Scruffy

    Is anyone else getting the problem of when you click on the “last” button on the website, instead of going to the most recent comic it just skips 2 comics?

    • Roborat

      Yea, it has been doing that to me for a while. It was fixed for a while, then started again.