393 – Prioritize

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  1. Blrp

    Wayne is a genius.

    • dAVe

      …or too miserable to know better. But with roommates like these I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      I think he simply gave up.

  2. M.s

    My Logic exactly

  3. Guest

    Well at least Guy cares enough to talk about it, I guess.

    • Ourorboros

      I’m just surprised Guy would keep track or care about friend points. Not like she can redeem them somewhere.

      • Derrath

        I think it’s more of an ego thing for her, really.

      • Casey 1988
        Casey 1988

        I think Guy would redeem them when she needs a favor.

      • Larkle

        I think that Guy just likes pointing out Wayne’s flaws and saying that it’s because she’s being a good friend to mess with his brain.

    • feneris

      I think she’s just doing the bare minimum she has to, so that she can technically still be called his friend.

      She doesn’t care otherwise unless it inconveniences her.

  4. YODO!

    So Wayne #392 finally gave up…

  5. Blarg the Somewhat Odorous
    Blarg the Somewhat Odorous

    Welp, this made me laugh a lot. In a depressing sort of way. Although, I suppose that could be said of most of the strips on this site.

  6. Ral Crux

    Alcoholism is kind of friendship, with my drunk self.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      My Little Alcy: Friendship is Drinking

  7. Lops

    What is Guy holding in her hand? A cellphone? A pocket mirror?
    Whatever it is, she crushed it when she leaned on it to get up.

  8. Vaggiterian

    I relate to this sooo much as a student…
    I understand my drinking is a problem but it’s ALSO the solution to every other problem I have! PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!