394 – The Whole Package

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  1. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    ah well..the reasons are valid enough!

  2. Uzuki Cheverie

    The guy that she’s going out with looks so incredibly DERP in the first panel lolol he’s like a giant stretched noodle with flippers for hands


    • Kalomin

      am i the only one who thinks he looks just a bit like if you changed Frank’s clothes and then put him through a press?

      • shadowmoon522

        if you add on dying his hair reddish orange then i could see it

    • Roy

      He has the exact same color scheme as Guy. xD

  3. adam ct
    adam ct

    you know what, i have never seen guy do one thing for her own benefit. only the selflessness of bringing pain to others.

  4. Ourorboros

    Wayne the Wang Wrangler.

  5. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    What drink is that in the martini glass? It is pink!

    • Cinnamon

      Probably a cosmopolitan, since Wayne suggested going to drink those in the previous strip.

  6. mikkelib97

    Oh Guy, you never cease to make me laugh.

  7. Ryan Schneider
    Ryan Schneider

    Guy is a prime target for forced Indigo Tribe recruitment.