Guest Strip – Ben and Paul

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  1. shadowmoon522

    and this is why there shouldn’t be any guest strips.

    • Kevin

      And how

    • Vladimir Zhivanevskaya
      Vladimir Zhivanevskaya

      Why? Because the art is different from what you’re used to? Because the joke’s humor is lost on you?

      Guest strips give the author a break and potentially introduce readers to new material. Would you rather a guest writer imitate exactly this comic’s style?

      Whatever the case, both Guy and Wayne were in character, and there was in fact a gag, so I this one has my approval, for what it’s worth :)

  2. Lennier

    New Years Resolution for Guy was apparently to have breast augmentation surgery.

    Frank probably did it for mates rates.

  3. SrPilha

    Guest strips are cool.

    Also this one is trans since Guy is now “a guy”. Cooool. :)

  4. mikkelib97

    Ok. I am 100% sure that i havent seen Guy laugh so much before.
    And her chest isn’t that large, but hey, its a guest strip, so i’ll let it pass.

  5. personfriend

    Why do fanart people always draw guy with way bigger breasts. I mean, I get standards of modern beauty and wanting see babes with big chests yadda yadda. But they kind of miss part of the point of Guy when they do – that she conforms to none of your prototype of what an attractive female should be and through sheer attitude is sexy nonetheless. Nerds.
    Also the proportions on Wayne are just so weird here. That goaty face…. no, go home.

    • larkle

      I’d agree with the breast bit. I’ve always liked that Guy manages to be really sexy while not conforming to social norms. She isn’t a big buxom wallflower, who’s only personality trait is sexy, like a lot of female characters are. She really is a character in her own right, and it’s because of who she is that she’s attractive. And scary.
      The guest comic did mostly get the scary part.

    • Suitora

      To be honest, I don’t think I ever found Guy sexy… o.O

      Maybe scary, threatening, and possibly going to kill me in my sleep… But sexual attraction is the last thing on my list when I think of Guy.

      • Nomulus

        Yeah, I don’t see how people can see Guy as sexy. She looks pretty nice in the way she’s usually drawn, but crazy murder-my-face personality isn’t the way I go.

  6. blubberbert

    People need to take everything so seriously. Being overly and unnecessary critical doesn’t make you look cool. Just saying!

    I for one found it pretty hilarious.

    • blubberbert

      People need to *stop* taking everything so seriously. not starting ha ha

  7. Zonk

    Somehow I had to think of Obelix when I was seeing Guy swinging her fist this way.

  8. JSicke

    Maybe now would be a good idea for Wayne to use his coupon from christmas?

  9. Uzuki Cheverie

    Ha, cute x) Been a while since we’ve seen a guest strip too.

  10. Iveritov

    Frank’s Experiment Log: 1/1/14
    The gene therapy cocktails were slightly disappointing. While I did manage to double my intelligence and Wayne #247 (activated 12/31/13) was the first to truly achieve self-awareness, Guy only received fits of psychotic rage. Although this was a nearly imperceptible change, she still seemed calmer until the side effect of temporary swelling set in. It matters not, the self-aware Wayne couldn’t be allowed to live anyways.

    • Doofus

      Hats off, sir.

      I’ll side against the naysayers – it’s a decent guest strip at the very least.

      Although I argue that Guy is not exactly in character for bursting into laughter, but what the hell.

  11. Triton

    I think the thing I miss the most in this guest strip is the “two gag facebook page” joke at the bottom of it…
    Quite good gag though :)

  12. Lenn

    To the Moon, Alice!

    • Tick tock
      Tick tock

      Bang zoom!