Guest Strip – Ty Halley

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  1. washu

    clever humor for a guest comic. however; the art style? lets just say the artist might do better using crayons. to add more color…. or something.

    • Lennier

      To each their own. I quite like the art style.

      The humour? Wayne knows he’s writing a story that largely requires no talent, but doesn’t care. Vintage Wayne.

      And Ahab is totally an Apple guy.

      • SrPilha

        aaaaaand agreed. Definitely an Apple guy. :)

        Mob i-Dick.

        • nothereinthisworld

          it would not be i-Dick.
          is it called i-Phone? or iPhone?

      • Doofus


    • dAVE

      That was a pretty weak insult. I mean “better using crayons”? Really? Did you suddenly turn into a 10 year old bully? I don’t think this “criticizing” thing what you think you are doing will work out for you.

      • Uzuki Cheverie

        It kinda reminds me of those old Captain Underpants/Just Stupid/etc. books. I like it :3 Also Guy’s expression in panel 2 made me snicker x) The humor was good too, makes sense for the characters.

      • washu

        yeah, i started to feel a little bad about my comment as soon as i hit submit. my apologies if anyone was offended. i meant it to be purposelessly childish, hence the crayon reference, and i didn’t think anyone would take it as seriously. anyway, i hope to guest artist understood that the comment was in jest. p.s. i can only draw stick peoples…

        • ThatOwlGuy

          ‘Sokay Washu, Just remember to end all jokes with a lol jk as sarcasm can’t be conveyed very well in text.

        • dAVE

          Well I sure he doesn’t mind if he reads this. ThatOwlGuy has the right view about written sarcasm. I take back my mean answer too then.

          • Uzuki Cheverie

            We just had like a BFF make-up-from-an-argument moment there. Now we’re all happy noodles. Wheeeee ~

    • Swagner

      I’d say this is pretty vibrant compared to the usual twogag, I don’t see your problem.

    • Jonathan Belina
      Jonathan Belina

      The eyes….

    • YODO!

      Looks just fine to my bleeding eyes.

  2. Timni16

    You and Ty’s Friendship is adorable.

  3. Dix

    Feel a little sorry for Wayne when he finds out his idea is already a real and published thing, though.

  4. Cerxi

    Diane Duane is actually doing this with her own Young Wizards series, to great effect.

    • Guest

      what? but that isn’t even public domain…

      • Avatar Issac
        Avatar Issac

        Well, it’s her own story so she can do whatever she wants with it.

  5. Dan

    Love the joke. Hate the art.

  6. Personfriend

    credit where credit is due – this person did the character designs decently. I find it entertaining how one expression to the next looks like an almost completely different art-style, but still is consistent with the character.

  7. Larkle

    Love the joke, very clever, and I like the art style as well. It’s really fun.

  8. Falen-chan

    This is the greatest webcomic on the internet. Why do I say that? I look at people in the comments who try to be mean, and it just makes sense. It’s like I don’t even care what anyone says, because we can all be dicks to each other.

    • Jenthura

      Except for Jeff. Nobody fucking likes Jeff.

  9. Blueberry

    I love this comic but I like the older style better :/

  10. mikkillerib97

    Well, i for once like Wayne’s idea.

  11. Lovot

    Fan-fiction is a mixed bag, sometimes it’s shit and sometimes it has incredible depth and creativity that far surpasses what it was based off of. Fimfiction has examples from both sides.

  12. Ken

    Funny thing is, if his name were John Scalzi, he could probably get away with it. Look up “Fuzzy Nation” to see what I mean.