Guest Strip – Ty Halley – Again

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  1. Doofus


  2. shadowmoon522

    the amount of water in the human body is 50-75% depending upon age, gender & body side. its the human brain thats 90% water.

    • Nomulus

      That makes the joke soo much better.

  3. mendel

    Congratulations for awesomely proving this comment on your previous webcomic right: “however; the art style? lets just say the artist might do better using crayons. to add more color…. or something.”

    • davidbreslin101

      “Your art-fu is strong. But how would you fare in a contest….. of CRAYONS?!”

    • washu

      agreed. my complements to great artist.

      • Jenthura

        It was you who said that! How do you feel about it now?

        • washu

          on one hand, i feel surprisingly good about it. because now i have a cool story to tell. on the other hand, i previously tried to say that my original comment wasn’t serious and that i wasn’t a “troll”. so i hope this artist has a sense of humor like me and didn’t take it personally haha.

          • dAVE

            Well it’s certainly a case when you “won an internet argument” :), even when we didn’t really argue, and agreed.
            If he did actually made this because of that comment, than he gets my respect.

  4. Shea Layton

    This was the best “in your face” possible to all the people complaining about guest strips. I’m so happy right now :)

  5. Uzuki Cheverie

    Best guest strip ever lol Love it x)

  6. Effusion

    I like the boat.
    And the everything.

  7. Lennier

    Touche, Mr Halley. :)

  8. Tilly

    This is a thing I didn’t dare hope for, but omg I love it

  9. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    That seem like something Guy would create. Thanks Ty Halley

  10. washu

    never did i imagine that any comment i could ever make would get a response from an artist. for some reason i feel honored rather than shamed.

    also, i said i was sowwrrry. gezz… lol

  11. Kirby

    Is the “Last” button not working a thing that always happened or is that new?

  12. Jack

    Best comic ever XD

  13. Wolfgod

    Still better than anything Jeff would have made.

  14. Professor Professor
    Professor Professor

    Blood :)

  15. Queen Victoria
    Queen Victoria

    This is the most perfect gueststrip EVER.