410 – Time Capsule – Part 2

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  1. Liar

    My heart skipped a beat a moment there, but then all was well in the end.

    • Ourorboros

      It was excellent trolling.

  2. Lennier

    I like Older Guys hairstyle.
    Also changed her nose stud colour.
    Older Wayne still as dense as ever.

  3. Izumi Ryu

    Looks like he killed himself with Cancer and Honey. XD

  4. Chris

    frank is always the same

  5. Doopington

    Uh…in hindsight…sort of bad that that that cancer part isn’t going to get mentioned to young-Wayne. Unless, like, cancer has been solved by the future, or Frank decided gutting unused Wayne clones to replace cancerous tissue is worth the effort.

    …Unless the cancer is a side effect of the presumably accelerated growth rate of Wayne clones.

    • wilder125

      It may have been solved by his early death after it was tossed through the window.

    • Ourorboros

      Yes, his poor choice of phrasing kept Wayne (future) from warning Wayne (present). That is indeed the joke.

  6. Dante

    Gasp! Continuity again! :O

  7. RBZ

    This is not the Part 2 I was expecting.

    And that is a good thing.

  8. Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes

    WoWThat was unexpected and great reaction from Guy!. I am still going back to it and laughing. Love future Guy’s hair style, pretty awesome.

  9. BMunro

    Typical. Frank breaks the laws of physics to make your idea work, Wayne: and you still manage to screw it up.

  10. dAVe

    Well he eventually known about it, since he is cured in the future, if this works like the Time Turner in Harry Potter, but what do I know about Time (& space) travel. :P

    • Ourorboros

      We don’t know that. We know Wayne had cancer at some point, is ambulatory at that point in the future, and got Frank to communicate to the past.
      Could be dead tomorrow unless present Wayne does something.

  11. Sings-With-Spirits

    Are you sure it’s not a time machine? I can see past strips with a click of the mouse!

    Two clicks, actually…

  12. Yotomoe

    I’m looking forward to “honey” replacing “swag”.

  13. Esca

    ANd Wayne still cannot get a decent beard xD

  14. Monochrome

    No, you don’t understand, The Cancer is a horrible abomination resulting from the piled and rotting Wayne corpses becoming a living biomass and infecting 99% of all life on earth. But since it’s made of Wayne it doesn’t actually affect anything in a notable way, so future Wayne is telling them not to freakout when it happens and waste 4.5 years trying to battle it.

  15. Rusche

    Is Future-Guy all about St Peter or giving the middle finger to Christianity?

  16. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    I have thought before that Guy and Wayne would make a great couple.

    • Sings-With-Spirits

      …A great couple of what?