Guest Strip – Walter Ostlie 3/3

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  1. Onyx

    Boom Slapshot.

  2. washu

    wayne is as effective in video games as he is ineffective in real life.

  3. random

    I get it now… Guy’s subconscious wants to be with Wayne but her conscious self doesn’t, so she beats him up all the time.

  4. Jason

    Just realize this in Wed and Today’s art. Wayne has that circle on his chest like his normal t-shirt

  5. bhaal

    why is that science-thingy attached to guys crotch??

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      Uhm, that is just a helmet that she just removed from her head.

      • bhaa

        you cant be sure

  6. SilverArrowArtemis

    Now that I’ve seen all three strips, I can honestly say:

    I don’t get it.

    • Golden Rice
      Golden Rice

      Guy is learning Kung-fu like Neo does in the Matrix, but ends up having Wayne save her instead. Guy is a total tsundere so she slaps him in the real world.

      • GodOfMetal

        what the fuck is a tsundere?

        • Lemmiwinks

          A character, usuallyu a girl, who tries to act indifferently and even agrtessively towards someone they secretly adore very much, and being secretly very cute and soft.
          Helga from “Hey Arnold!” is the best example.

  7. bluenam

    Wayne looks gooooood.

    Also out of all the twogag guest comics this is my favourite art-wise.

  8. Abibiliboop

    The ego of wear a crosshair on your center mass in a combat zone… mixed with the effectiveness of not being shot. Wayne deserved that slap.

  9. Eric D

    I also thought that helmet was attached to the privates, may be that’s why she slapped him so ninja style.

  10. Grave

    How do you not get this. In he be once again Wayne successfully saved guy with Kung fu. Then in the real world, surprised by him doing something right, gets the ideal of learning Kung fu. To deny him doing anything logical that would lead to him accomplishing anything, guy slaps him…

    • Grave

      In vr he once again…