419 – Self Evaluation

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  1. Marble_

    420 blaze it

  2. Gaara

    i was really expecting some 4:20 reference

  3. wererat2000

    Just goes to show: Not even Wayne likes Wayne.

  4. Lord Sesshoumaru
    Lord Sesshoumaru

    I like the older Wayne a lot more than teenager Wayne

  5. Rob Lyman
    Rob Lyman

    So Wayne killed his younger self…time to break out the next clone.

  6. Lennier

    Same chin stubble.

  7. sic

    so, does this count as suicide?

  8. Rhapsody

    So…. did Wayne not only commit Suicide… but also break his own time-line?…..

    Who’s Guy going to smack around if Teenager Wayne no-longer lives?

    • bmark

      havent you been paying attention?
      they just make another wayne when one breaks.

      • Rhapsody

        Yea…. but when did the ‘cloning’ start?… did he just kill pre-cloned Wayne?.. or the Version 2.0 Wayne? If he butchered himself before he met Guy and Frank… well.

        • Therix

          Best strategy is to not read too much into it.

          • bmark

            im not saying that frank doesnt like people who ask too many questions…

            but anyone who does seems to disappear.

        • Kerilithia

          If Frank could send Wane back then he could just make a half done clone in the future and send that back too, and the cycle continues.

  9. Mikko

    I was a teenager in the 90′s

  10. Grave

    I believe Wayne has added a new level to the self hate ranks…

    • Mike

      naw, I surpassed that level a long time ago, my past me better watch out if he ever winds up in a dark ally with present me.

      • Takioki

        There’s a reason I have swords and half-done time machine schematics…

  11. Howell2010

    To be fair, I’d probably do the same.

  12. Samalamadingdong

    Oh… I don’t know, you guys. There are a few times I could go back and beat myself senseless…
    And really, you should do that to anyone wearing a fanny pack.

    • Mindsword2

      I wore one for several years. It was perfect for holding most of my insulin stuff. However, even I could not call it a fanny pack. I called it a holster, cause I had a needle and insulin in there. The mocking did not abate, but at least I could imagine how I would strike.

  13. Jason

    I guess he wasn’t pretty fly for a white guy

  14. Wubalubadubdub

    I spy a subtle Rick and Morty reference

  15. Jenthura

    Wayne is the only Wayne Wayne can dominate.

  16. Daniel

    I was expecting comic 419

  17. SomeMCGuy

    The book on panel one… What does it say? I can only read “My ???? Father”

  18. Beige

    So THATS what happened to wayne’s mental abilities

  19. RBZ

    Teenage Waynes’ a chick, right?

  20. Marscaleb

    Wait, is Wayne in his 40′s? He’s dressed like he’s in the 80′s…

  21. SilverArrowArtemis

    If this is actually the real Past Wayne, then that would mean him (along with the clone) would cease to exist due to time paradox. Therefore, the title of the comic is now Frank & Guy. :O

    • Hoboturtle

      Who’s Wayne?

      Anyway… Man, this comic is getting old. It’s just Guy and Frank killing random person. Sure wish there was some third character they could bounce their personalities at. You might have to change the title, but “A guy and Guy” is pretty flexible i think.

  22. zeed316

    …And this is how the first Wayne clone came to be.

  23. perryponpon

    I thought the joke was that the Wayne on the right was the one from the future and the Wayne on the left killed him because ‘You seriously think I’d dress like that?’

  24. Name

    Seryously no one noticied the Fresh Prince reference?