422 – Sundown

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  1. feneris

    Holy shit, Wayne is the only thing standing between us and Frank-induced destruction.

    That is scary

    • Effusion

      We’re doomed.

    • Kuraimizu

      actually I think Wayne teamed with Frank may lead to worse.
      Prime question, how do you define what is a disease?
      many micro organisms are necessary for life to exist
      if only to aid larger organisms in digestion,
      and decomposition or organic matter.
      misplace those same helpful micro-organisms
      to the wrong part of the body and you get sick or die.
      Viruses meanwhile are very important to the evolutionary process
      our own DNA contains viral DNA sequences.
      as well as viruses weeding out the weak and sickly.

      humans on the other hand,
      actively fight evolution both medically
      and by sport hunting
      we save the weak and sick
      while killing off the strong and adaptable.

      • TheRobidog

        I doubt anything could be worse than destroying the sun.

        • Lennier

          Teleporting Earth inside the Sun?

  2. Liar

    Wayne may not be the hero we want… or deserve… or anything useful for that matter but… he’s the hero we need.

  3. Shen Hibiki
    Shen Hibiki

    Sometimes, all it’s needed for the world to be destroyed, is for Wayne to do nothing…

    • guest

      welp… we’re doomed…

  4. Maryz

    And then Frank decided that human race is a disease.

    • Monochrome

      I LOVE IT!

  5. Tornrex

    We are doomed…
    Anyways, people need to do more voting on this comic! This is only in 102nd place! We need more people voting on it! Click the button/image and says “Top Web Comic” now! NOW!

    • Jenthura

      I just voted because of you. That being said, why isn’t there a new vote incentive? I would love a new TwoGAG wallpaper.

  6. mr Zeta
    mr Zeta

    Wayne! Are you crazy?! Haven’t you seen Torchwood?! If you get rid of diseases, then shit will go down!

    • RBZ

      Diseases weren’t gotten rid of in Torchwood, it was death. Diseases were still just as rife, people just didn’t die from them anymore.

  7. hannh


  8. Saeed

    That’s quite the vote of confidence Wayne has for Frank.

    • Devon

      I love how Wayne assumes, or rather, knows Frank can rid the world of diseases in less than a week.

  9. Ourorboros

    And the number of multi-verses available decreases again.
    Why is this specific universe suited to life? Because Frank didn’t get run out of things to do, or his experiments didn’t get out of hand.

  10. Psychronia

    You know, I think this is the first apparent weakness of Frank’s.
    He’s a mad fucking genius, but there are some things that he just doesn’t see….his brain is different.

    • strawdog

      thats ‘cos its in a jar wired to an internet server on an orbital (mars) space platform.

  11. Tanya


  12. mikkelib97

    Damn. Wayne’s onto something. Why not make sure that Frank only uses his knowledge for the actual good of mankind.