423 – Alarming Behavior

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  1. SilverArrowArtemis

    “You ain’t normal.”

  2. brine

    ok that was funny

    • brine

      sorry meant for jeff

      • wtf

        You should be sorry for other reasons.

  3. Mindsword2

    I don’t go out much, but I don’t know if I have seen a dozen movies over the last 5 years, nor do I go online to make snarky comments.

    Yet the sun… IT BURNS!

  4. Lemmiwinks

    Meanwhile, in Russia… this week it started to snow again.

    I feel like you torture me with these comics…

    • Effusion

      In the last week I’ve had more than one day that went like this:
      Look out the window. It’s sunny!
      Put on shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and sunglasses.
      Step outside.
      It’s raining.
      The sun is out, and it’s raining.

    • WolfangT

      Meanwhile in Venezuela…
      oh! is spring outside… wait a moment, what is “SPRING”?
      i only know 2 stations, sunny and sunny with rain.

  5. Moe

    At this rate it would be better to just disable comments completely

    • JD

      Disable comments on a strip that suggests making snarky comments? Irony?

  6. Snikr

    R.I.P. Wayne

    • Lennier

      He touched Guy. Pretty sure that’s marking him for death.
      At least Frank is close by, and probably has already remotely started thawing out a new Wayne.

  7. Victory Screeeeech
    Victory Screeeeech

    Jeff is gone. Talked to Rick on tumblr and he took care of the pest.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      Many thanks to you and Rick.

  8. Roland

    I completely understand the issues of those guys and guy. Thursday it was lovely wether outside, and I decided to get fresh air at least once. But my couch didn’t fit through the door…

  9. human

    “If your flesh doesn’t burn in the sun, your not living enough. Then I’m allowed to shake some sense into you and not die”- the philosophy of Wayne.

    About to be dead Wayne is funnier than the dead space left in the comments after a guy named Jeff did something stupid. I think it would be incredible to see one of the later strips have a reaction to “Jeff the internet f***er”.
    …Oh, and if the deviantart page could be updated while your at it

  10. Nobody

    Whoa. All I see in the entire comments section is rage at “Jeff”. I don’t even know what’s going on, but holy geebus.

  11. dAVe

    Hey, good news Moe, it’s gone. We are saved from this blight.

    • Moe

      I know, I was the one that that managed to make contact with Rick

  12. mikkelib97

    Guy seems weird acting like this. Perhaps its just because im used ot her being so mean all the time.

  13. Effusion

    Please don’t.

  14. nekoJadey

    Honestly? It strikes me as quite rude to plug your own strip on someone else’s comic, especially when it’s a side strip of their characters. This is something that you’d really need Rickard’s approval to do. It’s using his intellectual property after all.

  15. Moe

    Sent a message to Ricks FB, both privately and publically. I suggest everyone else do the same.

    Jeff. No one likes you. You edits are bad, and reek of perverted virgin neck beard living in his mommys house. Do you even have a job you slob? This this the third time you’ve done this.

  16. misscornyexpert

    You’re not a fan when you make stuff like that!

  17. MichaelHaneline

    I think I just vomited a little.

  18. RBZ

    The votes are in, jeff. 100% voted against your idea, 1% voted for it. There’s a 1% error. Guess who the error is.

  19. Kumata

    Jeff is clearly a troll people, just ignore him and move on.

  20. Lemmiwinks

    Totally out of character, not badly edited, though. If I was more into peeing on girls I would probably like it more.

  21. Bro of Ice
    Bro of Ice

    STOP BRO JUST, just stop! It just ain’t worth it. No one likes here likes your shit. If you wanna make this crap post it on a rule 34 site but not here, this is more or less SFW and that shit doesn’t belong. Plus I’m board of seeing you on comments and then the hate taking over so people do just make (good) jokes that expand from the strip.

  22. Why Jeff? Why?!
    Why Jeff? Why?!

    I regret ever looking…And the time it took to piece that URL back together. Please remove your hands so you never have the opportunity to do something this stupid again. And your feet. I don’t want you attempting to try anything funny.

  23. Euphoric

    Okay, here’s my two cents.

    Jeff, as others have stated, you should not be editing someone else’s content to your own means and then trying to “profit” from it. (Even if, in this case, “profiting” just means attempting to get attention and votes.) As far as I am aware, you did not have the original creator’s consent, and therefore, you are in the wrong.


    Despite the fact that I, personally, am not (as well as a number of people that replied to you) into the same kinds of kinks that you are, that does not mean that you are not entitled to have them and enjoy them. By all means, keep editing things and use them in your own porn collection. I have no problem with people being into watersports, just because I’m not into it, myself.

    Go forth, and enjoy! …Just leave us out of it. At the very least, you could have marked that link NSFW or something.

  24. KimMarsh

    Did you see how DISGUSTING the strip he posted was? The kid doesn’t care about anything except perving out over Guy.

  25. Lemmiwinks

    Of course, everyone should ask a premission of canon’s author to make fanart or fanfic. =__=

    That particular picture isn’t a masterpiece, it’s a primitive explotation, but such demands are just silly.

  26. Lemmiwinks


    Is my time machine doinmg weird stuff again? It sounds like early 200′s, then people posted “it raped my childhood” in not ironic way…

  27. Beige

    I think it’s more the fact he’s using Rickard’s own site to plug himself rather than the fact he’s making fanfiction

  28. boar

    I remember that time… goddamn Romans!

    Anyway I once carelessly opend a “Jeff link,” and never did so again, I don’t see a problem, it was disgusting but not thraumatising or anything.
    Though I can understand the feeling to angryly not ever wanting to see pornographic pictures of a favourite carton character, I have several which are like that to me (First and foremost Etna).

  29. Seriously Dude
    Seriously Dude

    The honest feedback is people don’t want to see that crap. Well edited or no, it’s out of character, disgusting and unwanted. You don’t want feedback, you just want to get attention for the first time in your life.