425 – Write What You Know

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  1. SilverArrowArtemis

    Damn son! Stop trying to be a writer! You’re not good at it, geez! It’s like he can’t learn some other skill or something!

    • Marscaleb

      There is no worthy skill that he has so long as he’s coming to Guy for an opinion.

  2. Phallomancer

    Okay, I have to ask, what’s with the hair?

  3. washu

    leave it to a Drunken Novice to actually turn the oh so common “it’s funny when i can’t think of something funny” comic into an actual funny/surprising comic.

    • Doofus

      He did? That passed right over my head then.

      I thought this was all meta-humor, seeing as the strip has no joke either…?

      • shadowmoon522

        its the complexity of context, you either get or your not at the right level to understand it.

      • washu

        you’re right. the only “joke” is that there is no joke. which i found surprising.

        • Zach205

          But, if the joke is that there is no joke, there is now a joke, but since there is now a joke then there is no joke because the joke is no joke, but now that it is established that there is no joke, there is a joke, since that is the joke, which then makes it so there is no joke.

          I love things like this, just like, “the next statement is true” and “the previous statement is a lie”

  4. Lysis

    It’s fun seeing guy change up her hair once in a while.

  5. Lala

    Guy’s hair looks awesome.

  6. Adyon

    I love jokes like this for some reason. =3

  7. ShoBeck

    Wait… is Guy being even remotely helpful to Wayne? Is that really what’s happening here? I’m… speechless.

  8. LuminousDecibel


  9. Xyxoz

    Wait…is that…concern? On GUY’S FACE? What on earth is going on here?!
    Damn they weren’t kidding about that vitamin D thing.

  10. Jk8z

    Um… is this potential 4th wall material?