429 – What You Are

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  1. Anthony

    I never liked the saying “just be yourself” because it is like a tautology, pretty much meaningless. I am who I am. It is impossible for me to be any more or less like myself.
    This saying is especially often used on adolescents who are socially awkward:
    Boy: “How do I talk to girls? I get nervous!”
    Man: “Just be yourself.”
    Boy: “Oh, okay. I’ll just keep nervously staring at them from afar, then.”
    Man: “No, wait, maybe be someone else. Be someone cool?”

    • SYABM

      Alex: Why don’t girls like me? I do all the things everyone says to do, but -
      Bobbie: Clearly you’re really a jerk.
      Alex: But…you don’t know me. I’m just a name on a computer screen. And plenty of jerks still get women.
      Bobbie: Look, it’s obvious you’re a horrible person, and that’s why girls don’t like you.

    • Larkle

      Perhaps it would be better to be your best self then.

  2. Lemmiwinks

    That’s exectly what I think of that saying. Why be yourself, why seel self-actualization, if your true self might be a complete jerk or total looser or both, like my true self? It’s better to try to be cool and nice; if you are lucky, your true self is nice and cool, otherwise you would be at least likeable, which is much needed for your inner jerk/looser.

  3. OJhat

    this is easily one of my new favorites :D

  4. LauW

    I feel myself closer than Guy than ever x)

  5. TheBartman47

    Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.

    • Lennier


  6. phangirl

    Over time, you become what you act like.

    • SrPilha


      Or, in the words of our old pal Aristotle, we are what we repeatedly do.

  7. shadowmoon522

    i’m pretty sure i’d be in prison if i acted like my true self. there would be a lot less idiots in the world though

  8. SYABM

    There’s an old Bill Cosby routine where he’s told that cocaine intensifies one’s personality. He responds, yes, but what if you’re a dick?

  9. Lennier

    Pretty sure Guy would be running the prison within a week.

  10. Knocks

    You’re always being yourself. If you act differently around other people, that’s what you would do as yourself, and therefore you’re still being yourself.