430 – Waste Not

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  1. SageGuda

    So, Frank’s outfit is actually a uniform? I did not see that coming…

    • Ourorboros

      His genetics might be a bit of a uniform.
      When standing, they have their hands the way he does.
      The male is like a cross between Guy and Frank. The female a cross between Wayne and Frank.

  2. Rhyme

    So I just noticed that Frank has pockets on the bottom of his pants.

    • Zonk

      I noticed that too. Is that even practical or an actual thing?

  3. SilverArrowArtemis

    Male Intern: “We could open him up and see if we can make his heart pump.”
    Female Intern: “We could clone and donate vital organs.”
    Frank: “You’re thinking too small.”

    • sumbuddy

      Frank will *not* make that grammatical error.

      • MichaelHaneline

        There is no grammatical error in Frank’s sentence. If you are going to be the person who corrects the grammar of webcomic comments, at least make sure that you know what is correct and what is not.

      • Doofus

        If you’re insinuating that it should be ‘Your thinking…’, then I’d feel compelled to find you and bludgeon you savagely.

        • Saskyou

          Don’t be too harsh, we could sell his organs if you take a little care!
          Eyes are quite expensive too, so be scarce with the head trauma too.
          Throat, legs, arms, brain and upper respiratory organs in general are okay!

  4. ccrh

    kneepockets are all the rage

  5. Marscaleb

    I love the fact that Frank’s outfit has become a uniform.

  6. assassinGnomie

    poor dead intern on the table….. they really dont last long do they

    • adan ct
      adan ct

      intern… or alternate universe frank

  7. LockeZ

    Huh. Has Frank ever moved on-panel before? This might actually be the most animated he’s ever been in the entire comic.

    • Ourorboros

      He’s worked a shotgun a couple times.

  8. Nevjix

    Oh, the fun science stuff one can do with a decapitated corpse!

  9. Natalman

    Correct me if I’m wrong but could this be the first time we ever saw Franks entire legs? Because I don’t recall seeing his shoes (and for that matter the pockets on his pant legs)

    • Dumbass

      Nope, in the FIRST comic we can see his entire body. And I doubt it’s the only one.

      • RBZ

        It’s not. I remember being involved it quite a discussion as to whether they were knee- or shin-pockets.

        • phangirl

          So? Did the shin-pocket-people win?

  10. Human

    I was once lucky enough to have access to a heimlich maneuver dummy and the footlocker case it came in. I used this opportunity to scare the living $#*+ out of all the students in the area. G-d, was that fun!

  11. █████

    “Well, I have been wanting to make one of those kamikaze guys from Serious Sam 2.”

  12. Slarg1

    3 possibilities explaining clothing:

    1. Increased intelligence just leads to that outfit.
    2. They use his genetics in some way.
    3. Dress code.