434 – Underqualified

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  1. Lennier

    She’s got a point.

    • boar

      She’s got several points.

      • Mnaet

        And he has no points at all.

        He is pointless.

  2. feneris

    The sad thing is about all this… he actually expected it to go otherwise.

  3. Yu

    @Lennier @boar @Mnaet: This might just be the first time I’ve found an escalating sequence of comments even funnier than the strip XD

  4. SilverArrowArtemis

    And all through the town, the civilians say
    that Wayne’s body was never found that day.

    • davidbreslin101

      …. because Guy gave the bits to Frank
      For “recycling” in his Organ Bank.

      • SilverArrowArtemis

        “This one became too assertive, I see.
        It’s time to release Wayne 223.”

        • phangirl

          Thus Wayne mark two hundred twenty-three was born
          And his clone of reused flesh did greet the morn.

          The poor fool had lost his memory, though
          And Guy seized the opportunity to rob him of dough

          But his wallet had no money of which to speak
          So a bloodbath inside, Guy’s wrath did wreak.

          Frank found the mess the morning after
          And Clone two hundred twenty-four did cease to matter

          ‘Till Guy was bailed out of prison, then
          She stabbed him in the eye with his own writing pen

          For failing to possess funds which she could have pilfered,
          The comic to come was parental-guidance filtered.

          Wayne mark two hundred twenty-five shall soon arrive
          Frank only knows how long THIS clueless clone will survive.

  5. lala

    Hey, does anyone happen to remember which update it was when Guy was young and riding the bus, and she started hanging out with Wayne because she got him mixed up with some other kid named Wayne?

    • just saying
      just saying

      Number 050.

      • lala


  6. Matthew

    I’ve decided that Wayne is right. Everybody deserves better friends than Guy.

    • Ourorboros

      Lars agrees.

  7. Pharmakeus Ubik
    Pharmakeus Ubik

    I think he does deserve better friends. Then the question becomes, do those better friends deserve him?

  8. Zunatore

    Stealing seems somewhat out of character for Wayne… At least stealing to the extent that he would get fired for it.

  9. dAVe

    I’m one of the rare ones who 80-90% of the time totally disagree with Guy’s opinion, methods and behavior. But in this case she is right.

    • Lord Sesshoumaru
      Lord Sesshoumaru

      I used to disagree with Guy too…..used to…*shivers*

  10. shadowmoon522

    holy hell, their eyes have shrunk…

  11. Yotomoe

    Well even if he doesn’t he’ll steal them!!!