437 – Schedules

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  1. SilverArrowArtemis

    Friends =/= Reliable

  2. Lennier

    Frank really has to keep up on feeding the clones. You always run out when you need one.

    • CBob

      Well, looks like the clones’ll be having steak tonight, at least.

  3. Sabbo

    Only every fifth? I’d bet the other four are as well. For example I have the ability to travel forward through time at the approximate rate of half an hour per 30 minutes.

    • BMunro

      You’re lucky: as I get older, I seem to be getting through weeks and years at an increasing rate. (Except when, say, I’m listening to a presentation on software usage. Then it can take _hours_ to get through 30 minutes).

      • RBZ

        Time travel’s so simple, anyone can do it.

        For example, I just have to close my eyes, and when I open them again, it’s seconds, minutes or even hours later.

  4. Liar

    Meh. They have more clones. Besides, it’s time travel. They can do it whenever.

  5. An Average Loser
    An Average Loser

    Rest In Peace Wayne. . . for about two more days. I’ve gotta catch up on my backlog. I know you’ll understand.

  6. Wim ten Brink

    That’s plain stupid, Frank! If you tidy up your lab now and do your taxes before going back in time, your lab will be like before you’ve tidied it up so you’d have to do it again. The same with your taxes.
    Guy is a lot smarter. She’s going to party before going back in time so she can party again… :-)

    • Vermilion

      Depends how time travel works in this universe. Maybe after rescuing Wayne from himself they go back to their timeline, and the only difference is that Wayne is alive (and was alive when Frank was tidying up his lab, etc), unless Butterfly Effect comes with full force and Wayne being alive will fuck something majorly up.

      • Hououin Kyouma
        Hououin Kyouma

        Or it just goes all Steins;Gate on them. Except they give up straight away and use a clone instead.

      • Wim ten Brink

        Well, with Wayne alive, things will get fucked up. That’s his specialty. He’s there to fuck things up. It’s his only mission in his life. It would be very dangerous if they would return to their original timeline again because Wayne will most likely do something dumb again, thus putting Frank and Huy in a forever limbo of time. (Or they get fused to some monstrous Frankenguy monster.)

        • Wim ten Brink

          Btw, if Frankenguy ever gets created, it will have it’s period but still have a male reproduction system, making it look more cramped than Guy normally does…

          • Hououin Kyouma
            Hououin Kyouma

            Frankenguy is already here. Frankenguy killed Wayne. By travelling back in time.

      • Lycos

        Problem is, if they go back to save Wayne and succeed, then they’d have had no reasoning to go back and save him, preventing them from doing so leading to his death and them having reason to travel back. Hence why I hate time travel unless its done correctly: Observation or needed action based on influential time flux.

  7. Marscaleb

    Maybe now people in the comments sections will stop bringing up the “Wayne clone” thing every time Wayne’s doom seems at hand.

    • shadowmoon522

      this time the clones not needed, just need a C. Trigger & Wayne Doppel Doll

    • Saskyou

      This is the first time we see Wayne dead in the comic, and this is the first time we see Guy see Wayne dead in the comic too. Frank probably just wants to keep it a secret.
      I’m glad that’s out of my system, I already started imagining if a black man’s blood would taint my knife differently than a white man’s.
      Racism isn’t cool… of course it didn’t.

      • Random guy
        Random guy

        Sorry, Wayne already died in front of Frank and Guy and even turned into a ghost in one guest comic

        • Hououin Kyouma
          Hououin Kyouma

          Considering that this universe has multiple universes, you could still say that Wayne never died in front of Frank and Guy. All other instances of Wayne’s death may perhaps have been observed by a different Frank/Guy pair, randomly selected.

          You could, in fact, say that the other Wayne deaths were only seen by the aforementioned Random guy, and no-one else.

  8. Yogoforth

    Why the heck would he tidy up his lab? If he travels back in time, he’ll undo it all.

    • BMunro

      Which if you think about it is the the whole trouble with “we’ll go back in time and fix it later”: the longer you wait, the bigger the paradox.

      • Mindsword2

        Science! How much paradox is too much paradox?

        • Hououin Kyouma
          Hououin Kyouma

          *holds arms out wide*
          -THIS- much paradox.

          • MangaEngel

            I want to like or upvote this, but theres no button for it D’:

  9. Mr. Faint Speaker
    Mr. Faint Speaker

    Can confirm statistics, am time traveller.

  10. bluenam

    Maybeeee … Frank just told Guy that he’ll go back in time because he doesn’t want her to know about the clones. I mean time travel isn’t something she wouldn’t expect from Frank … but she might expect clones too …

  11. mist42nz

    Or is it the same person, travelling around 5 times…

  12. Jackspades

    Trouble with time travel is that when you go back in time the earth isn’t where you left it and by the time you travel through space to get to where the earth is now your back to when you left :/

    • Gruelling

      There’s a simple solution to that. The Time machine doesn’t simply make you travel to the past in the same location but rather opens a worm hole to a location set using space-time co-ordinates, meaning that they travel to where they want to in space-time.

  13. Timni16

    I swear the many times Wayne has died is remarkable that they haven’t just left him to stay dead.