449 – commute

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  1. MatonIce

    Brain: This looks like a swell time to remind you of your failures and embarrassing antics in the 8th grade!

  2. MatonIce

    : This looks like a swell time to remind you of your failures and embarrassing antics in the 8th grade!

  3. MatonIce

    Oh look, an accidental double post on my first post. Another embarrassing thing to haunt me on commutes. How…”convenient”

  4. Anon

    Can I just mention that the art looks really nice in this strip? It’s one of the more simple layouts, but the colors and textures look really pleasant. It’s nice to stare at. While my mind wanders aimlessly. Oh dear.

  5. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I do not advocate thinking. That’s what the government is for. Let them do all of your thinking for you.

    • phangirl

      You’re one of the puppet masters, aren’t you?

      • dAVe

        My term is “Paranoid pessimist who blames all of their personal problems on other, outer sources so he is ‘free’ from all the responsibilities in his own mind”
        “A guy who makes really cliché jokes that are as old as governments themselves.”
        …but hey it’s your call.

        • Random Guy
          Random Guy

          Troll as a life choice is not particularly original either.

    • Baz the Mad
      Baz the Mad

      Hah. I got a chuckle outta that.

  6. Zacsi

    And that’s the main reason I always carry some podcasts on my phone to listen to while commuting and if possible go by bike aswell to get that extra physical distraction.
    Just as long as I don’t have to think about the ultimate pointlessness of existance it’s all good.

    Ah, fuck.

  7. RBZ

    Even though you can only see its eyebrows, Wayne’s reflection in the window still looks like it’s having a better time of it than Wayne.

  8. August

    Reminds me of Pascal:
    “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”

    • Effusion

      Pascal didn’t have internet porn.

  9. AndyW

    Why… why is his reflection looking straight at him, and not straight ahead?

    That is seriously creeping me out. Has Frank done something… err… ‘cutting edge’ again?

  10. pistols at dawn
    pistols at dawn

    eh, just bring a comic book. It prevents thinking

  11. Malmöbo

    Hmmmm…. do you live in malmoe? cuz I’m having that problem right now and if this is a happy coincidence then I’ll buy you a beer for awesomely wasting my time!

  12. Lennier

    In this comic, Wayne is actually Rickard.

  13. Violet

    Incidentally, this is why I have so much trouble falling asleep every night.