451 – Presentable

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  1. Anthony

    I like the idea of the photograph of the apartment at its dirtiest. I should totally start doing that. It really helps with the whole exchange:
    “I spent all week cleaning up in anticipation of your visit!”
    “Well, you should’ve seen it BEFORE! … Actually, NOW YOU CAN SEE IT BEFORE!”
    “Oh, dear God!”
    “Yes, as you can see, all the trash that spoils QUICKLY has been moved to the trash cans, AND the pile of roach droppings is only about 10% of its former size!”

  2. Rhapsody

    5$ says that he drank all of that himself… and those stains as well….

    Common… its Wayne… who’d he invite? =P

    • Jason

      Rosie Palm and her five sisters?

    • Lennier

      Yes, I’m thinking this is just a typical binge-drink-your-misery-away Saturday night for Wayne.

      • Jackson

        The notion that Wayne might have had actual guests over was, in fact, the second possibility to cross my mind.

    • mist42nz

      Which can do you think he actually drunk…

  3. feneris

    This is Wayne we’re talking about here. He probably just drove down the street shouting out that there was a party at his place with free beer.

  4. Marscaleb

    Your line about updating the photo made me laugh out loud.
    I’m going to share that one.

  5. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    That must have bin the best party ever, probably went to a bar at last call and said party continues at my house follow my car.