Guest Strip – WAH & ZR – 1

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  1. Metal C0Mmander
    Metal C0Mmander

    So I’m going to be this kind of asshole and say I hope to god it’s not Frank. It would be so boring if it was Frank. The other 2 also have good to wish his death; Wayne as revenge and Guy cause she’s got anger issues.

    • Jason

      That is Frank. It is his parallel counterpart. Frank is killing Frank in order to harvest the brains of Frank in other dimensions.

      • feneris

        All in the name of making a better Frank

      • wilder125

        Or some other wacky event.

    • grendich

      agreed. but it’s gonna be frank again anyway *yawn*

    • Ourorboros

      Within the continuity, Guy does not kill, she beats people up.
      Wayne just isn’t that competent. He is also effectively immortal because of Frank.

      Alternate universe Frank has already come after Frank before.

      • Jason

        Guy did kill Wayne once for using the word “literally” wrong when he said he would literally die if he spoke in front of his class. She won that trial on a technicality.

        • Ourorboros

          I think that was one of the early strips. If it was, I don’t take stuff like that too seriously for continuity because writers are still getting a handle on their world and characters. Quite a few have characterization shifts.
          Besides, Guy doesn’t use weapons and taking on Frank is a whole lot different than offing Wayne.

  2. Meltea

    What, Frank kills Frank ?

    • RBZ

      It’s that age-old story.

      Frank destroys universe. Frank escapes to alternate universe. Frank kills native Frank. Frank assume role of native Frank. Frank destroys universe…

      And by age-old, I mean too many strips ago for me to want to find out the exact one.

      • Ourorboros

        This is a story contained within every Creation Myth.
        Universe created by Frank. Universe destroyed by Frank. Frank is that which survives.

        • ScoutInTheNight

          You’re username has too much synergy with this comment.

  3. Brand X
    Brand X

    As soon as I read it, I thought “It’s Frank.” I hope I’m wrong!

  4. feneris

    The problem with Frank is not that he’s hard to kill, it’s keeping him dead.

    • Jason

      Frank was killed once, then Guy got a necromancer to raise him once.

      • guest

        that would be part of the whole ‘keeping him dead’ thing

    • Lennier

      Shooting him four times is a good start, though.

  5. Infinite scratch
    Infinite scratch

    My guess is that it’s a frank from another universe that became aware that he is a fictional character an decided to kill all the characters in this series in every parallel universe

    • Dante

      Hmm, that sounds oddly familiar…

      • strawdog

        Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

  6. mikkelib97

    Well, thats the beginning of another mystery about Frank.

  7. Bluenam

    I don’t like this .. Frank can’t be killed not even at the hands of Frank.

    • Vermilion

      On the other hand, it would be strange if there was something Frank couldn’t kill, not even Frank.

      • Bluenam

        Naaah.. everyone needs a kryptonite

    • Ourorboros

      It is the Law of Conservation of Frank – Frank cannot be either created or destroyed.
      Like a Highlander, there can only be one Frank (per universe).

  8. Hum

    Why doesn’t the “last” arrows ever lead to the latest comic? You have to keep pressing em several times. Also I friggin hate guest comics.

  9. lemmiwinks

    If that WOULDN’T be Frank, it’ll be the greatest plot twist since M. Night Shaymalan was good.

    • Jason

      That happened? Like, in real life?

      • MTGradwell

        “The Sixth Sense” wasn’t bad. IMDB rating Ratings: 8.2/10

  10. Gimbatul

    It’s probably the female assistant that he acquired recently.

  11. Natalman

    Its either Frank from an alternate timeline or Frank from the universe in which Frank destroyed the universe and came to this universe…if that made sense.

    If its neither than its a clone of Wayne that started taking on Franks traits of personality and decided it was better to have only 1 around.

  12. Shamdon

    So how many times as Frank killed himself now?

  13. Arunin

    Well, whoever the shooter is, he’s a lefty. Are there any verified lefties in the cast?

    Then again, if it’s Alternate Universe Frank, maybe he has a goatee and has the opposite handedness. Who knows!

  14. Not that guy
    Not that guy

    Maybe Its the “Perfect Girlfriend” he created a while back. She could be angry that there is no perfect boyfriend. Or angry that she was created for wane, I know that would piss me off.

  15. Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy

    Honestly, there are only two people I can think of that Frank would think capable of killing him.

    1) himself
    2) Chuck Norris

    So I’m hedging my bet on option 1.

  16. Jekylln Nelligan
    Jekylln Nelligan

    I think we should closely observe this person with their characteristics. Lefthanded yes. But the first frame says slightly feminine to me. Also that isn’t Frank’s preferred weapon. He would use something more scientific. Besides he is a highly dangerous but intelligent person, many trials which he was always the number one suspect but released on a technicality. Also a scientist makes enemies. It could perhaps be a number of people based off of his track record. That’s my analysis. Also it says yesterday. He’s probably already back.

  17. sr123

    Frank writes with his right hand in 2019, and shoots with his right in 2125. Then again, observe 2436 vs 2461, where his tablet hand switches. Also, the alternate-universe-Frank-killing-Frank-is-obvious joke is in 3181.

  18. abibliboop

    Is Wayne’s cousin a lefty? That would amuse me greatly if the only nice and decent person in the comic series is the one that finally offs Frank.

  19. Calistine

    Probably Frank, it’d be cool if it was someone surprising like Lars or Wayne’s boss though.

  20. LauW

    That’s clearly Frank killing Frank, again.