Guest Strip – WAH & ZR – 3

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  1. feneris

    Well, at least we know Frank isn’t someone to let something go to waste.

    • Ourorboros

      Like the Native America, Frank uses every part of his experiments.

  2. Duchess

    It’d be amusing if they were franks he fed them.

  3. Lala

    I knew from the beginning that Frank was the one who killed Frank, but I definitely did not see the hamburger twist coming. Super funny.

    • Doofus

      Seconded. Great writing on this one.

  4. Brand X
    Brand X

    Best way to hide a body. Feeding it to others. :p

    • Tipop

      …with a side of fried green tomatoes?

      • Idgie

        Secret’s in the sauce

  5. Dante

    Either Wayne really loves ketchup, or Frank is a terrible cook. Though considering Wayne thinks the burger tastes weird, the ketchup explanation makes more sense.

    • Phangirl

      It’s probably symbolic [dripping blood] ketchup.

  6. Sendaz

    Wait…. Burgers?

    Shouldn’t they have been FRANKfurters? :P

    • bluenam

      haha nice one

  7. Kaian


  8. Fluthermucken


  9. dolllar

    Undercooked meat may contain pathogens that cause disease. Always cook your meat to a high level of doneness to guard against this eventuality.

  10. BrobyDDark

    Wasn’t he left-handed in the first page of this 3-parter?

    • Linxan

      Good eye! I was also noticing the hand-swap.

      • LordofThieves

        He might just be ambidextrous.

        • BrobyDDark

          You could have had a point EXCEPT he was holding the gun in his keft hand when he fired it, and it looks like he just fired the gun in the first panel. Unless you want me to say he put the gun in his other hand afterwards to throw off that guy that can put him in prison for murder of his “twin”? Michael McDoesntexist?

  11. Jason

    Then a random man will come up to Frank and say:

    “Howdy neighbor! Are these your friends?”

    Frank will then reply

    “No these people just follow me around. Call the police.”

  12. Infinite scratch
    Infinite scratch

    Expected frank, did not expect the reason or the burgers lol

  13. Magmas

    Ah, the plot twist that it was him wasn’t that crazy. The plot twist with the burgers on the other hand, well done. I liked that.

  14. bachterman

    expected a frank-n-furter joke

  15. BMunro

    “Paradox, shmaradox. I also have wieners and chitterlings if you don’t like the burgers.”

  16. Marscaleb

    “Are you telling me that this burger was made from a time-clone of yourself?”
    “Absolutely not.”
    “Good!” (Eats burger.)
    “Strictly speaking, I am the one who is the time clone, and the original in in the burger.”

  17. Frugbame

    Obviously Frank would be exempt from the Hitler Time Travel Exemption Act.

  18. Cray Z. Bouy
    Cray Z. Bouy

    So it WAS Frank, just not Alternate Universe Frank. Yeah, that makes sense.

  19. RazorD9

    There’s a little of Frank in all of us, though in the case of Wayne and Guy, a bit more.

  20. Gimbatul

    Human meat tastes similar to pork, however it is stingier.

  21. Bob

    I dislike storylines based around this kind of thing. Frank went back to stop the event that caused his future, killing himself in the process meaning two things would happen: A: He wouldn’t exist in the future as he’d be dead, and B: The event that gave him intent to travel back never happened meaning he’d never had had the reason to travel back. Due to these, he never would have gone back meaning both events would happen causing an endless timeloop resulting in universal destruction.

    • Jonathan Wint
      Jonathan Wint

      Depends on how the Paradox would resolve. We know on a Quantum Level you just get a second slightly older Frank. You create a second Universe, So all cool. Quantum Level and Isaac Newton do not mix well…

    • Frugbame

      Obviously Frank is exempt from the Hitler Time Travel Exemption Act.

  22. Soulless1

    Please, please fix the LAST button. I love the comic, but hate paging through to get to the current one.