452 – No Power

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  1. Lorialet

    From Guy, it’s a good as a love confession.

  2. Power Incarnate
    Power Incarnate

    When it comes from Guy, “I won’t smack you off this table” is practically a wedding proposition.

  3. Larkle

    Oh, my god. It’s Wayne’s ferret that he mistook for a dog!

  4. phangirl

    D’aww!! ^__^

    Of course, totally. Nobody would not believe you, Guy; especially when you lash out _because_ of the thing to which you’re immune.

  5. Thor

    First time commenting…it actually took me a long time to catch up. Man, I can’t believe not even guy is immune to cute things.

    Looks like someone has a weakness after all.

    • Mike

      I don’t think we’re seeing weakness here so much as a lack of motivation.
      Why would Guy really smack something that doesn’t understand why it’s been hit. There’s no fun in that!

      • feneris

        On the contrary, she beats up wayne all the time

  6. mikkelib97

    So Guy secretly likes adorable things. Mwuahahahaha. Now we know her secret.

  7. Hodor

    Hmm, has her breasts gotten larger? They looked like A-cups before, but that looks more like a B or potentially a C-cup.

    • ShreeShraw

      I’m gonna take a guess and say by the slope of her shoulders that she’s just leaning back. Guy having bigger breasts would be like Wayne having a permanent girlfriend that Frank didn’t build for him.

  8. Graham

    I really hope you can read these comments, Rickard…

    The other comic you work on, LoSRH, has been down for roughly a week. It’s frustrating because a website checker says the server is still running fine, even though it doesn’t show up for me at all.

    Do you or any of the other artists have any idea what’s going on?