464 – Product Innovation

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  1. Sherbert T Cat
    Sherbert T Cat

    I’ll take eight!
    As a super-villain, there is nothing more annoying than having my plan foiled at the last second! This will be just the thing to put an end to THAT!

  2. Franz

    Or you can have a timer without any display. If nobody knows how much time is left, nobody wil attempt to defuse.

    • bla

      If you set it off accidentally, you would want to be able to tell, how much time you have left.

      • JW

        In that case, connect it to an app on your smartphone via a secured bluetooth connection. There’s no reason other people need to know how much time they have.

        • Undying3132

          And leave evidence of your involvement? I don’t think so.

    • Ourorboros

      Frank knows to work with a Trope to bust it.

  3. JW

    Not good enough to get James Bond, cause he always stops it at 0:07.

    • razord9


  4. davidbreslin101

    The self-destruct mechanism version counts down “Three… two… one…. are you sure? nine… eight…”

    • Bogwombler

      Little known fact- Frank consulted for EA Games. First you have to enter your credit card number and authorization code and then agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before you can start the countdown. Eventually the detonator in the time out window at 5 seconds, pause and displays press Enter to continue or Cancel. Pressing Enter will then direct you to install the latest detonator drivers from Origin and only continue until you enter your a) email, b) facebook login or c) twitter account. You will also be prompted to sign up for future terrorist newsletters, offers, and upgrades. Then the device may fail to detonate because of a device driver and explosive device incompatibility. You’ll be advised to call customer service or upgrade to a new explosive device. That should explain why Frank is now a rich man.

  5. Lennier

    “I’m cutting the red wi-”…
    “Kowalski! KOWALSKI! Come in, Kowalski!”
    “Sir, you better look out the window…”

  6. Scruffles united the third
    Scruffles united the third

    Always cut the blue wire

    • Mikko

      All wires are in different blue shades

  7. LauW

    Is that Keith from “League of Super Redundant Heroes” ???

  8. Leesa

    I saw this joke an another comic a few years ago…some comic about a supervillian corporation but ugh I can’t remember what it’s called -_-

  9. Leesa

    I saw this joke on another comic a few years ago…some comic about a supervillian corporation but ugh I can’t remember what it’s called -_-

    • Mindsword2

      Evil Inc?

      Also, its on the evil overlord list. Still funny.

  10. Leesa

    Oh gosh, I’m sorry! I thought my comment didn’t go through the first time!

  11. Bogwombler

    The person Frank is selling the detonator to bears a strong resemblance to a UPS delivery driver. LOL

  12. Cassandra

    You know, the first movie to use that idea would revitalize the entire genre.

  13. Bloop

    Defuse, not diffuse. Diffuse means to spread around.

    • RBZ

      Well, add that timer to the right kind of bomb and it sure won’t be difficult to diffuse!

      • Yay

        Your avatar! It’s Captain Starr! Yay! Memories!

        … That’s all I wanted to say. :P

  14. Maryz

    Sorry but this is not a new Idea. Thank all deities that are that professional bomb-defusers are trained to not take timers as accurate information. saves lot of lives often, I understand.

  15. Casey 1988
    Casey 1988

    Why would this work? most bomb defusers stop them well before 5 seconds despite what you see in the movies. What about Frank making one with an invisible countdown timer that would work best for the ones needing the bombs.

  16. Thisguy

    I would use a random number generator, which generates numbers between 99 ( could be more or less depending on how much time/chance you want) and zero. When it randomly hits zero, it detonates.

    • lemmiwinks

      You realise that the maingoal of timer is to give bomb user time to run away, do you?